You never know where you'll end up

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August 2010


Writer Richard Williams and Art Director Ant Phillips created an idea based on the premise that when you wear Holeproof Explorer socks you just never know where you may end up. The resulting campaign follows the journey of an Aussie bloke, wearing only a loincloth and a pair of Explorer Socks, hanging out with a tribe of Kalahari Bushmen.

Film advertisement created by BBDO, Australia for Holeproof Explorer Socks, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Ant Keogh
Creative Director: Damian Royce
Art Director: Anthony Phillips
Copywriter: Richard Williams
Group Account Director: Tom Ward
Director: Steve Ayson
Producer: Larisa Tiffin
Production Company: Sweet Shop
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Temple's picture

Well, this is the first socks commercial I have ever seen in thousands upon thousands of ads. And hopefully the last.

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Creative Director
Guest's picture

It stinks. Quite like the socks, may be.

LeeHarvey's picture

I think it's quite funny!

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Creative Director
mockingbird's picture

its aussie humor mate!! very absurd :P no offence!!

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akshaysrikar's picture

haha... u gotta love aussie humor.

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Guest's picture

A bit short to establish the sense of this guy's involvement with the San, which leaves the punchline a bit floaty. Otherwise not bad at all. Quite funny.

Guest's picture

Sit on it Temple, I dig it. V-funny.

Guest's picture

"i think i'm in africa" Couldn't he have said kalahari or something? This generalization doesn't do much good for aussie no?
I've heard it's a fairly racist place.

Guest's picture

A fairly harmless socks ad has led to some giant knob labelling all of Australia as racist. Cant some people just have a laugh and see it for what it is. For f#*ks sake.

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