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March 2015


Film advertisement created by Strange Cargo, United Kingdom for H&M, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Strange Cargo, UK
Production Company: Tool
Director: Marc Forster
Producer: Valerie Romer
Executive Producers: Lori Stonebraker, Oliver Fuselier
DoP: Ben Seresin
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The commercial was okay, yet it had some things that should have been added to make it better. The good part of the commercial was the David Beckham was in it, since his line seems to be very popular for customers in the men’s department. Reason I say this is because I use to work there, and it was one the popular merchandise that we had. What also were good were the scenery the director Mark Foster made. It was dark and mysterious and the music was recognizable to other commercials H&M has done before. I feel the commercial also had the actors wear products from the store like in the very quick scenes where men were wearing hats and other women were wearing blazers. A few suggestions I would like to add on would be to have focused a bit more on the product like the boxer briefs of the Beckham line to have been shown a better more, I’m not sure if the black sweater over the grey one he had underneath was part of his line but I feel the commercial focused mainly on him and not as much on his line.

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Miles better than the MOO ad.

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True that.

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I feel like the advertisement idea was sound and had the right idea in mind. But, using a superstar such David Beckham who is known world wide definitely saved it. David Beckham is the male face for the H&M brand and his celebrity status has definitely pushed their products into the closets of the millennial generation. I just feel like I've seen 100 of these types of commercials. Being, mysterious good looking man walks into setting with product and says nothing but lets his actions do the talking. If you look at ads from Axe body spay or Dos Equis they all play off of the same idea. It would be nice to see something a little more original and active. It has the right idea, but, maybe give David Beckham some dialogue. He does have an english accent which might add to the culture of the clothing.

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