Hi 5 Project Harapan

August 2007
Advertising Agency: JWT, Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Edwin Leong
Creative Director: Hasnah Samidin
Copywriter: May Yong
Art Director: Simon Chew
Director: Maurice Noone
Prodcution House: Black & White Films
Post Production: Asia Pacific VideoLab
Account Servicing: Nicole Tan, Leon Tang, Lim Ju Han
Strategic Planners: Subhendu Mukherjee, Piwo Chia
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bubblestheclownfish's picture

GREAT buildup, VERY funny scenes, TERRIBLE wrapup/punchline. After that great 9/10ths, I was expecting something better. Just buying bread that's good for you doesn't excuse you being a sh!tty person. We need to see the little sh!t get hit by a cement truck. Comeuppance is expected here. A shame the first part was wasted on the ending, since it's rather good.

Activity Score 598
Creative Director
postman's picture

Right! Smash him with a truck! Let's do it for a lawyer's office - "Justice at last!"

Activity Score 941
sold's picture

if was for a playstation... hummmm, would be GREAT.
kids without a PS can do terrible things for fun :-)

Activity Score 3373
skullforce's picture

i think it works. maybe you guys should watch the end again. the ad isn't saying the bread is good for you, it's donating 5 cents from every loaf to help a child in need. that's a different message, it's a charitable notion of goodwill

Activity Score 66
Creative Director
bubblestheclownfish's picture

Sorry - meant to say "makes you feel good". Regardless - it takes more than 5¢ that that kid "gave" to make up for being a bully/d!ck. Even if he ended up going to a hospital to help burn victims, it's still wrong, because that's not the type of person that would be doing something charitable. Besides - his parents asked him to buy the bread, so they're the "good" ones ;-)

Activity Score 598
Creative Director
raverus's picture

silly ad

Activity Score 1476
Art Director
puppiepoppy's picture

Come on....doubt this will get thru Malaysian Censorship Board! This will get lots of kids following the stupid acts. These is those type of ads that I'm not willing to show my kids.


Activity Score 1632
Creative Director |


DiegoZaks's picture

So... being a complete a-hole is ok if you buy this bread? I guess Ill just steal cars and do stupid nonsense and all will be forgiven. I hope no kids see this

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