The Isolated Cinema

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January 2021


Our world looks very different today, and so too does Göteborg Film Festival. The 2021 festival will be digital, with audience having access to all the films, premieres and talks via a digital platform. Some participants will also get a real-life experience with the opportunity to watch the films in total seclusion: The Isolated Cinema.

Göteborg Film Festival is looking for someone keen to take on the challenge of spending one week in social isolation on the remote lighthouse island of Pater Noster, a secluded spot out at sea, far away from family, friends and mobile phone. The only company will be the noise of the sea – and the festival films. Everyone is welcome to apply for the spot on Pater Noster via the festival website. The festival will also be offering isolated film screenings for one person at a time at the Scandinavium arena and the Draken cinema.

Film advertisement created by Stendahls, Sweden for Göteborg Film Festival, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Stendahls, Sweden
Chief creative officer: Martin Cedergren
Art director: Alexander Skoglund
Copywriter: Eva Råberg
Account director: Peter Ohlsson
Intern copywriter: Ruben Widin Dahlström
Intern art director: Daniel Fasth
Film production: Is This It, Tussilago
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