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October 2014


Film advertisement created by The Hallway, Australia for Google, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: The Hallway, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Simon Lee
Senior Copywriter: Steven Hey
Senior Art Director: Dylan Soopramania
Executive Producer: Nick Simkins, Charlton Hill
Senior Agency Producer: Carolyn Starkey
Group Account Director: Brad Smith
Account Director: Annabelle Pocock
Production Company: Jungleboys
Director: Scott Pickett
Sound Design: Matt Perrott
Post production: Method Studios
Editor: Mark Bennett
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Yeah Google, please tell me how to wipe my *ss.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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That puppy is so cute

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kleenex's picture

I agree.

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damnson's picture

Yeah Google, please tell me how to wipe my *ss.

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An axe murderer of ads.

rtsang1's picture

This ad gets straight to the point. This commercial only takes 30 seconds to sell their product. Google is selling the idea that for Google phone users they can get their answers anywhere and anytime in a short period of time. By asking "Ok Google", it makes people's life easier and more convenient. For example, if someone can't find an answers when they are indecisive or when they really need an answer to certain problem, they just Google it. However, when people "Google it" they type down word for word what they want to know. Especially when people don't feel like typing the whole sentence down, they can just say "Ok Google" and speak into their smart phones, then within a second they get the answer they want, and if not they can just speak into the Google phone again. They can avoid using their fingers to get their answers. Just two words then they get their answer. People can use this function when they are driving or when they don't remember how to spell a certain word. They can just speak to Google. Google is ranked first for top popular search engine, therefore, people can almost find most of their answers there, and now it is installed on smartphones, it makes life easier and less work. One question asked "Ok Google" gives you the answers. Overall, this commercial is great. Only 30 seconds, Google sells their point, and the audience gets the answer.

grugee822's picture

great ads.. Complete in all sentence. Well done. Good job

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