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February 2009

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Film advertisement created by TBWA, United States for Gatorade, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles
Global Director of Media Arts: Lee Clow

Executive Creative Director: Rob Schwartz

Group Creative Director: Jimmy Smith
Associate Creative Director: Jayanta Jenkins
Group Account Director: Brynn Bardacke
Management Supervisor: Jiah Choi
Account Supervisor: Mildred Grijalva
Group Planning Director: Scott MacMaster
Sr. Planner: Martin Ramos
Jr. Planner: Angela Craig
Jr. Planner: Daniel Teng
Executive Producer: Sarah Patterson
Agency Producer: Lisa Effress
Assistant Producer: Danielle Tarris

Director of Business Affairs: Linda Daubson

Business Affairs Manager: Judi Chandellor

Production Company: Pony Show Entertainment
Director: Spike Lee
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Frankel
Executive Producer: Susan Kirson
Line Producer: Fern Martin

Editorial: Venice Beach Editorial

Producer: Hunter Conner
Senior Editor: Dan Bootzin and Rick Shambaugh
Assistant Editor: Daniel Reitzenstein

Post Production: The Mill Los Angeles
Executive Producer: Ben Hampshire
Producer: Ari Davis
Lead Flame: Chris Knight
Flame Assist: Ross Goldstein
CG Lead: John Leonti
CG team: Steve Beck, Jaime Fernandez

Mix House: Eleven
Executive Producer: DJ Fox-Engstrom

Mixer: Jeff Payne

Music: Mark Batson (composer)
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spam052's picture

wow it took that much people to make one bad ad.

Activity Score 25
Guest's picture

Yes. It usually get all this people. Be respectful.

Guest's picture

And it usually takes just one #$$hole to make a bad comment.

Guest's picture

I agree. This ad is just so bad.

How can anyone fight for it.

Only in America would this ad be created.

Seriously. This really offends me.

'That's G'. My god. Does this really inspire any athlete?

I'd look at the media plan and say 'fuck it, let's just run those old Michael Jordan spots where he talks about failing in order to succeed.'

They were great. The message still stands and MJ speaks to all generations. They were great spots.

Guest's picture

the message is meaningful..perseverance in spite of the hardships..i like those

but G??? seriously? and that new packaging...

G = god-awful

desailly's picture

Perseverance in the face of hardship is tremendously inspiring.

What the fuck does that have to do with a soft drink?

Activity Score 470
Guest's picture

Better then the other one, at least this has some depth but I'm just not a fan of the new campaign.

Guest's picture

yes really. That much people. Is there no other work to do

cperry's picture

I am not feeling this campaign. its cool to own the whole idea of "G" but having athletes say "cliche" dedication lines talks at me rather than connecting with me and it doesn't seem like anything new for Gatorade. I agree with above the new design is lacking.

Activity Score 280
Guest's picture

i´m not touched, i´m sorry, don´t know many of these guys. seems like there´s too much money there and not a strong idea behind

Crisp One's picture


G stands for Garbage

Crisp One
Activity Score 2005
Other at New York
crazylegz's picture

jabawagez? they are from season 1 of the best america dance crew at MTV. Why are they there anyway? 3 sec shot~

Activity Score 92
Oxfam Hong Kong
crazylegz's picture

now i know - after going to their website at - they get jabawagez did the dance culture episode.

Activity Score 92
Oxfam Hong Kong
Guest's picture

i don't even know what to say. it is so bad

Guest's picture

I have no idea why i cringe whenever I see this commercial.. It seems they're just relying on the celebrities to sell this product which gives off a sense of arrogance. The music just ruins it for me. I guess its the lack of a clear message/idea/concept that is turning me off about this commercial.

Guest's picture

Much better than the other G spot (ha, "G-spot". Ok, back to relevant posting), but not up to previous inspired/inspiring Gatorade advertising. I actually don't think the concept is as cliche as others seem to think; they're bringing Gatorade into the future and trying to modernize their traditional "athlete in the heat of battle" advertisements... it's just too meta. I agree, the lack of familiarity with many of the faces doesn't help -- I feel like they should have gone with unknowns (high school or amateur athletes) or universally recognizable athletes. Anyone in the middle just muddles the concept.

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