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February 2009

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Film advertisement created by TBWA, United States for Gatorade, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles
Global Director of Media Arts: Lee Clow

Executive Creative Director: Rob Schwartz

Group Creative Director: Jimmy Smith
Associate Creative Director: Jayanta Jenkins
Group Account Director: Brynn Bardacke
Management Supervisor: Jiah Choi
Account Supervisor: Mildred Grijalva
Group Planning Director: Scott MacMaster
Sr. Planner: Martin Ramos
Jr. Planner: Angela Craig
Jr. Planner: Daniel Teng
Executive Producer: Sarah Patterson
Agency Producer: Lisa Effress
Assistant Producer: Danielle Tarris

Director of Business Affairs: Linda Daubson

Business Affairs Manager: Judi Chandellor

Production Company: Pony Show Entertainment
Director: Spike Lee
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Frankel
Executive Producer: Susan Kirson
Line Producer: Fern Martin

Editorial: Venice Beach Editorial

Producer: Hunter Conner
Senior Editor: Dan Bootzin and Rick Shambaugh
Assistant Editor: Daniel Reitzenstein

Post Production: The Mill Los Angeles
Executive Producer: Ben Hampshire
Producer: Ari Davis
Lead Flame: Chris Knight
Flame Assist: Ross Goldstein
CG Lead: John Leonti
CG team: Steve Beck, Jaime Fernandez

Mix House: Eleven
Executive Producer: DJ Fox-Engstrom

Mixer: Jeff Payne

Music: Mark Batson (composer)
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A.G. Pennypacker's picture

The black and white is nice but in some versions makes a few of the people look very strange-in some cases ugly. And I really don't care for Lil' Wayne's VO no matter how "G" it may be. Use of the Jabawokeez is pretty cool though.

A.G. Pennypacker
Activity Score 607
I'm a full-time somebody at a world-wide agency and a wealthy American industrialist looking to open a silver mine in the mountains of Peru.
Guest's picture

G the new logo looks like Georgetown's but with lightning bolts.

Guest's picture

I really don't care much for those spots. I had no idea what G was and what the spots were for until someone told me what G is. What a waste of money. Go water.

Guest's picture

Jayanta Jenkins = My hero.

Guest's picture

Jayanta Jenkins = My hero

Guest's picture

Fail. Jabawockeez saved the ad for me, what a waste in high paid celebs for a weak ad.

Guest's picture

points to anyone who can identify all of them correctly..

i can only name MJ, Ali and the Jabbawockeez ;p

Guest's picture

no idea

Guest's picture

imagine someone does that at a creative school? what would you say as a teacher?

Guest's picture

Get back to class. You will never have a chance to work on anything this big. Put your next class project on here so we can see how great you are.

dshott's picture

I'm totally put off that product.
Why are so many people involved? What away to piss your money away and dirty your brand.

Activity Score 475
Kinneir Dufort - Industrial Designer |


NatalieM's picture

I still cannot like these spots. I've tried.

Activity Score 1685
Topolewski |


Guest's picture

I've never seen so many credits listed on this site! And for such drivel, too.

Guest's picture

lil g wayne ????

Guest's picture

Jesus, the creatives who did this need to get fired. Is this what we are to expect from gatorade from here on out?

Guest's picture

- Hey guys, we are spending a lot in sponsorships, can we show that in our new campaign, please?

Guest's picture

I watched the whole thing. I watched it more than once. I enjoyed playing "guest the sports star" (I got MJ, Serena... or maybe that was Venus, Jeter, Misty May Trenor and Kerry Walsh, and Ali), but it was the guys at the end, who I assume are a breaking crew, that intrigued me and made the imagery memorable. I agree with Natalie, I can't connect with these spots. If not for Gatorade's familiar bottle, it would be really hard to figure out what the hell was being advertised and why so many celebrity athletes were paid to bring nothing to the table.

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