Isnt Enough

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January 2012


Sports Marketing Assistant Account Executive: Lexi Vonderlieth

2D VFX Artists: Billy Higgins, Tim Bird, Steve Cokonis, Robert Murdoch, Nick Taylor, Margolit Steiner
Production Coordinator: Kiana Bicoy

Film advertisement created by TBWA, United States for Gatorade, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, USA
Executive Creative Director: Patrick O'Neill
Group Creative Directors: Brent Anderson, Steve Howard
Executive Producer: Sarah Patterson
Producer: Molly Tait
Executive Business Affairs Manager: Lisa Lipman
Business Affairs Manager: KK Davis
Group Planning Director: Scott MacMaster
Planning Director: Lydia Kim
Account Planner: Marisa Robertson
Jr. Planners: Adam Wiese, Rebecca Harris
Worldwide Managing Director: Nick Drake
Account Directors: Blake Crosbie, Amy Farias
Management Supervisor: Sandra Tobey
Account Supervisor: Magda Huber
Account Executive: Brad Nolde
Music Supervisor: Michael Gross
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Jaron Albertin
EP / Head of Commercials: Brian Carmody, Patrick Milling Smith

Executive Producers: Lisa Rich, Allison Kunzman
Producers: Lisa Tauscher, Helen Hollien, Donald Taylor

Director of Photography: Linus Sandgren
Production Designer: Duncan Reed
Editorial Company: Peepshow
Executive Producer: Deborah Sullivan
Editor: Andrea MacArthur
Assistant Editor: Patrick OLeary
Visual FX: The Mill
Title Design: Tom O'Neill

Post Producer: Enca Kaul

VFX Supervisor: Billy Higgins

Music: Amber
Composer: Mark Tewarson
Executive Producer: Michelle Curran
Final Mix: Lime
Mixer / Sound Design: Rohan Young

Executive Producer: Jessica Locke
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Highest Rated

Lazarus's picture

Okay. But feels a bit too easy.

Activity Score 1537
Creative Director
vote4pedro's picture

Looks and feels a lot like Nike.

Activity Score 4599
khronos's picture

I think its supposed to, no? "Nothing you wear, is enough"

Activity Score 994
vote4pedro's picture

It doesn't do your brand much good if ten minutes later someone remembers your ad as a Nike commercial.

Activity Score 4599
khronos's picture

they arent positively reinforcing the other brands, so i think even when they do remember the nike commercials, the "not enough" will ring in their heads...also they have adequate visuals for people to remember it as an energy drink commercial. I think it works...

Activity Score 994
vote4pedro's picture

The "not enough" message sounds very much like something Nike would say. The music and voice over also sound like Nike. It would be a much stronger spot if they had come up with a more original execution and look.

Activity Score 4599
khronos's picture

that is brilliant! Pop-Pop-Bang !!!

Activity Score 994
MikeYikes's picture

I really really like the strategy here: all the fancy gear and the technology (or an expensive drink) won't make you a better athlete. As an edit, though, I feel they could've just gone from the list of things aren't enough to that last awesome shot of "Win from within." I didn't even need to hear the "you explode into the record books etc" since that's the obvious bit. Would've been more goosebumpy with a tighter cut. But overall, a good idea. Like.

Activity Score 117
Creative Director
MicheleVirgilio's picture

interesting but nothing special

Activity Score 2617
hedonismhighway's picture


Activity Score 63
Copywriter at Project House HAVAS Worldwide
thenikcreative's picture

Great job. Very nice take on it. But did they even need the product shots in the middle? I think they could've made their point just fine and more elegantly with just the logo and packshot at the end.

Activity Score 17
Creative Director at Republica
Temple's picture

You win from within. Very good. So good I 'm amazed noone had come up with it so far.

Activity Score 11339
Creative Director
gadgets's picture

Good tagline, good production, good story line.

Activity Score 1063
Hadrons's picture

it's a winning slogan.

I love those kind of ads that promote the human spirit and motivate us as a race to continue after failure.
I love the copy, the photos are Nike look-alikes, the concept is good.
Final result: you are on the right track.

p.s. Gatorade has had as long a history as a sports product as Nike

Activity Score 6056


Reality Check's picture

Ten years ago, Gatorade: Isnt Enough would have been great, but it just doesn’t feel right now.

Reality Check
Activity Score 2545
Lazarus's picture

Okay. But feels a bit too easy.

Activity Score 1537
Creative Director
simonds08's picture

lots of credits

Activity Score 592
rosep's picture

It does look a lot like a Nike advert. I liked it though.

Activity Score 2
kleenex's picture

nice ad.

Activity Score 58777
Web Designer/Developer
visiblecom's picture

Yes, it somehow looks like a Nike ad, but it compensates that association with the text, since it clearly states that "Nothing you put ON" (there goes Nike and all other sport goods manufacturers) makes you win. It is "what you put IN" (like a beverage: Gatorade) what gets you there. Like it overall, but I find those two pieces of text brilliant.

Activity Score 68
Creative Director at Visible Consultores
vote4pedro's picture

Taken at on a metaphorical level, it makes perfect sense for Nike. The music and voiceover even sound like Nike. The idea makes more sense for a sports drink because it works on a literal level as well. But you're doing yourself a disservice as a brand when half the people who watch this spot will likely remember it as a Nike commercial. It would have been better if they had found a unique look that Gatorade could own.

Activity Score 4599
clearsky1989's picture

Nice. Could have been bit more emotional.

Activity Score 429
Copywriter at Grey
Anne's picture

Sells the insight.

Activity Score 508
Art Director
zenozeno's picture

If Gatorade decides to keep the tag line “Win from Within”, I suggest stray from relying on having its brand rely on putting down (indirectly/directly) other brands to stand out, especially when Gatorade itself is a product that works in tandem with the other brand’s products, not against them.

Activity Score 17
Mark Kierce's picture

On a scale of 1 to 5 this deserve a 3. I love the slogan its strong. I think the execution could of been a lot stronger. Is it me or gatorade has the same persona as NIKE.

Mark Kierce
Activity Score 2
Graphic Designer
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