Into a woman's skin

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April 2015


Film advertisement created by Publicis, France for Garnier, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Cédric Guéret
Creative directors: Cédric Guéret, Laure Ferry-Sauvaire
Copywriter: Stéphanie Boucher
Art Director: Christine Démias
Account managers: Alexandre Hacpille, Isabelle Garnier, Sira Diakite, Raphaële Benoit
TV Production (Prodigious): Pierre Marcus, Anne Boucher
Director: Alexandre Mehring
Company Production: Good Ideas
Producer: Thibault Martin
Director of Production: Sandra Kiesser
Post-production (Prodigious): Good Ideas
Music: Baptiste Thiry / "Endeavour"
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kleenex's picture

Fatigue??? I thought it was bad makeup???

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Web Designer/Developer
kleenex's picture

Fatigue??? I thought it was bad makeup???

Activity Score 58797
Web Designer/Developer
Noswadizzle's picture

Two major things I did not appreciate. One, they did not show her using the product nor her morning routine so is the miracle a good night’s sleep? Two, they make you watch a 2:15 video then have their call to action be go visit our website, makes me not want to visit the website at all.

However, I did like the 24 hour fatigue idea can age you 5 years though.


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damnson's picture

This sucks so bad it's amazing.

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Copywriter |

An axe murderer of ads.

blisteringbarnacles's picture

Really, Garnier? You think your consumers don't know they look worse off after a long day of work? Why didn't they make the model use the product and do the survey once again? Quite a waste of money!

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halaby87's picture

It's nice but I was thinking of a massage

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Marketing Manager |


Rhyme's picture

i expected something special that it show us an experiment in the beginning , but it just told us a common point of view in the end , and didn't even show how to solve the problem. That confused me.

Activity Score 62
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