Galamb Tailoring '18

November 2018


Galamb (Pigeon) Tailoring is a bespoke tailor shop in the heart of Budapest. Beside their custom designed, high-quality suits, the salon brought out a new collection: these suits are not exclusively designed for special occasions or holidays, but also for everyday wear.

We defined this ordinary reality by the character who stumbles and falls in everyday situations. We follow the day-to-day life of the protagonist from one situation to the other and freeze every scene for a moment when the image turns into a well-composed fashion photo. Between the scenes, we also progress in an ordinary, “making of” way: it is not a problem if the lamp hangs in the scene or the edge of the set is visible. The movement of our only character is not visible as he runs from one set to the other while the camera is in motion. With this contrast between the puritan, everyday definition and the composed scenes that freeze for some moments, we formulated an "everyday yet high-fashion" message.

Director: Miklós Mendrei
Director of Photography: Dániel Rácz
Steadicam: Attila Pfeffer
Art Director: Ambrus Törőcsik
Grip: Miklós Herczeg
SFX: Károly Barnabás Princz
Standby Props: Gáspár Dalmy, Zsolt Kovács
Choreography: Adrienn Hód
Dancer: Gáspár Téri
Gaffer: Dániel Tóth
Focus Puller: Csaba Tóth
Camera: Péter Gáll
Make up: Dalma Éles
Colorist: Anna Stalter / Studio Spájz
Sound Design: Si Señor
Producer: Tamás Németh
PR: Fanni Borókai
Production House: Kraft BP
Production Manager: Máté Varga
Special Thanks: Dávid Dell'Edera, Zsófi Barna, Marianna Dezső
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