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September 2021


Fountain Tire has recently launched their Fall campaign with a focus on their Digital Vehicle Report (DVR). Originally launched in September 2020, the Digital Vehicle Report is an ongoing effort to educate consumers about their vehicles and the reason for needed repairs.

The original campaign focused on Fountain Tire technicians taking photos and videos of your vehicle to help you understand what needs attention now, what doesn’t, and why. Fountain Tire not only tells you what’s going on with your vehicle, but they show you.

The insight behind this year’s fall campaign, centres on the perceived trust between drivers and mechanics. Drivers usually don’t have a ton of car knowledge, so their only option is to take their mechanic’s advice at face value. The problem though is that most Canadians don't understand the language of mechanic. And the less people understand mechanic speak, the less they trust them, so drivers then turn to search and social to demystify the jargon of the category. But Fountain Tire's Digital Vehicle Report educates, simplifies, and puts mechanic speak and vehicle lingo into terms people actually understand. Fountain Tire’s goal is to increase consideration by demonstrating trust and transparency while depositioning the competition.

Film advertisement created by FCB, Canada for Fountain Tire, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: FCB Canada, Toronto, Canada
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