True Beauty

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October 2010


Animation and Visual Effects by: DIGITAL DOMAIN, INC.
President, Commercial Division; Executive Vice President: Ed Ulbrich

Film advertisement created by Ogilvy, United Kingdom for Ford, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy London, UK
Production Company: RSA UK
Director: Carl Erik Rinsch
Producer: Margo Mars
Executive Producer: Jim Riche
Visual Effects Supervisor: Jay Barton
CG Supervisors: Richard Morton, Ron Herbst
Sr. Producer: Chris Fieldhouse
Coordinators: William Lemmon, Stephanie Escobar
Trackers: Ian Doss, Michael Lori
Riggers: Derek Crosby, Adrian Dimond
Animator: Kirk Cadrette
Lighters: Brian Creasey, Casey Benn, David Liu, Julian Fitzpatrick
3D Artist: Jason Mortimer
Senior Nuke Compositor: Rafael F. Colón
Lead Roto Artist: Hilery Johnson Copeland
Lead Flame Artist: Dave Stern
Flame Artists: Rob Liscombe, Matthew James Bramante
Track: Mr Gaunt Pt 1000
Album: Lovetune for Vacuum
Artist: Soap & Skin
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agatur's picture

Beautiful picture

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lahaff's picture

That was boring.

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morse's picture

Beautiful visuals. Like the strategy too.

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jackmancer2017's picture

I saw the shorter version of this on Dutch television. It definitely left me with a 'yeah-another-boring-nothing-saying-car-video' feeling there. It definitely works better though it still fails to fully interest me and fully leave a strong impression.

Guest's picture

On the work - Beautifully shot and produced.

Just a quick to I can't help but notice how many times you crop up on this site leaving negative comments on peoples work. So here's a little tip; maybe you should spend a bit more time (i.e scrap it and start again) on that website of yours as there's not one piece of work on it that even comes close to the standard of work on this site. I find it amazing that there's people out there who are so hypocritical.

Hibon's picture

This ad says something.... most of cars ad's don't. Just for that i say OK, but i dont like the "production".

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Simple ideas are the best !

byzade's picture

idre edr..

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Guest's picture

excellent metaphor, the car as a living being.

Ogilvy rules

agatur's picture

Beautiful picture

Activity Score 74

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Abhilasha Thackur's picture

great concept... but its been used earlier...

Abhilasha Thackur
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Abhilasha Thackur

jaos's picture

Very pretty. It looks like it kept an army of 3D animators busy for months, so that's good!

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