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January 2015


Film advertisement created by Team Detroit, United States for Ford, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Team Detroit, USA
Executive Creative Director / Copywriter: Toby Barlow
Creative Director / Art Director: Greg Mills
Copywriter: John Stoll
Producer: Sumer Friedrichs
Executive Producer: Joe Piccirillo / Original
Director: David Wild
Line Producer: Sally Schaffer
Post: Cutters
Editor: Louis Lyne
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not bad

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Could be better

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In this commercial, Ford is portraying that even the most traditional individuals can adapt to the new electronic car technology. The three individuals driving the Ford are all older and from a simple background, which can be seen by the rural wooden house and common-day items within the house. Ford is trying to show both the ease of adaption to the new electric vehicle while it still fits in with the traditional way of life.
The ad was broadcast, I believe, on the winter solstice, the day with the least amount of sunlight. This shows how that even with a limited supply of energy, the car will still function and run well. Its reliability can also be seen, as it operates in snowy conditions.
Many people have questioned the performance the recent development of electric cars. I believe this ad is trying to convince people that there are no limitations to this vehicle, it will preform exactly the same as any other gas powered car.

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not bad

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