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November 2008

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Film advertisement created by Team Detroit, United States for Ford, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Team Detroit, USA
Art Directors: Paul Kirner, Brad Hensen
Creative Director: Toby Barlow
Producer: Craig Mungons
Design & Animation Company: Offspring
Director: Vince Haycock (of AVSO)
DP: Neil Shapiro
CD: Adam Levite
AD(s): Wes Richardson, Gerald Soto
EP: Joanna Fillie
Producer: Amy Kindred
Editorial: Offspring
Editor: Cassidy Gearhart
Editor: Tina Mintus (of Version2)
Telecine: Company 3
Colorist(s): Dave Hussey, Rob Sciarratta
VO Talent: Dennis Leary
Music: Sacred Noise
Shoot Location: Mojave Desert, CA
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Roger Daly's picture

Damn straight, it will add two inches.

Roger Daly
Activity Score 355's picture

really really nice.

Activity Score 1021
Guest commenter's picture

Absolutely great. Brilliant copy, stunning execution.

Guest commenter
Guest commenter's picture

This ad is pretty much a perfect example of why the US auto industry is failing (and why I'm not all THAT convinced my tax dollars need to bail them out).

There's an almost total disconnect here between the ad, the product, and the market most likely to be purchasing F-series trucks in a down economy: WOMEN.

Not ALL engineers are male, which turns us women off this ad right away.

Not ALL truck purchasers are male - in fact, the "rhinestone cowboy" market has pretty much dried up; those are the people getting OUT of their trucks. The ones who REALLY need big trucks are the horse owners, and THAT market is over 75% female.

So Ford - you better be fixing to get rid of the flashy short beds; you won't be selling many in 2009. We need long beds, we need power, we need towing capacity. And we DON'T need to be condescended to by some New York ad agency that doesn't understand that what we're trying to buy, Ford isn't selling with this advertisement.

Guest commenter
Guest's picture

Ummm, do you actually work with an auto client or are you making your sweeping, misinformed comments out of thin air?

Guess what, WOMEN aren't the ones most likely buying the F-series trucks. I have the numbers right in front of me.

And you know what else? If you watched the ads, you'd see that the power and towing/hauling capabilities HAVE increased. If you want a truck that thinks it's a car, get the 09 Dodge Ram - don't get the F-150 because IT is made for work. Your "figures" you quote as far as you think are laughable.

Oh and BTW, the auto industry financial assistance ISN'T a handout or bailout. IT'S A LOAN. Are you more convinced that your tax dollars are being better served on a mis-placed war overseas? How about the $700,000,000,000 USD that the financial/investment sector is getting of YOUR hard-earned (rolls eyes) money.

And Ford DIDN'T take any assistance money. Fact is a hard thing to deny.

Horse-owning-truck-driving-WOman's picture

Snort: "the guys you cheated OFF OF"???

Illiterate, sexist, knuckle-dragging grunt special, boys: this sorry excuse for a commercial is a big turn-OFF, not a big turn-ON.

Guest's picture

Check out the recently published Josephson Institute study on student honesty (referenced on Yahoo): .

Is it a wonder many students cheat and steal and still say that their ethics are just fine. How in the world can we high school and college teachers combat this frightening trend, when US corporations glorify or at least condone cheating? Additionally, the poor grammar referred to in the above comment is disturbing. This add is irresponsible and insulting. It will, however, be the subject of interesting ethics discussions in my social science classes.

Guest's picture

This ADD??????? Take a break from your liberal Social Science class and learn did make a reference to someone's grammar, right???

Guest's picture

Perhaps you should face the real world. I used to be an engineer on the F150 and I AM a woman. It is exactly this crap that made me leave.

Personally, I think that this sort of sexism and blatant discrimination is reason enough for NOT giving any taxpayer money to the company.

Guest's picture

I absolutely hate these ads. I turn off the sound or change the channel every time they come on. I agree with the comment about this being a perfect example of the dismal state of the U.S. automakers.

Guest's picture

Targeting cheaters? A new low for Ford, a new low for the US auto industry.

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