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November 2020


It’s within a particular context that the Abbé Pierre Foundation, a French charity devoted to helping the homeless, is speaking out at the end of this year. The health crisis has not only weakened those on the streets, but also many people in already precarious situations (seasonal workers, unemployed youth, workers, etc.). It is estimated that this crisis has pushed a million people in France into poverty.

The French showed tremendous generosity and solidarity during the first quarantine, but what will happen with the economic crisis, when they too will have to tighten their belts?

That’s why this year the Abbé Pierre Foundation wanted to appeal to French generosity with a message of hope on the theme of solidarity.

Rather than rebuke or pointing fingers, the French foundation has chosen to send a message that recalls the strength of a community. "Alone, we can help. Together, we can save."

Film advertisement created by Altmann+Pacreau, France for Fondation Abbé Pierre, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Altmann+Pacreau, France
ECD: Olivier Altmann
AD: Fabien Nunez
Copywriter: Emmanuel De Dieuleveult
Assistant AD: Gabrielle Cooper-Weisz
Agency management: Edouard Pacreau, Aurore Duhamel, Clément Bouhana
Strategic Planning: Céline Chouéri
TV production: Jessica Piergiovanni
Réalisateur: Éric Lartigau
Production: Birth Production
Producer: Arthur Emorine
Sound Production: La Maison de Production
Art Buying: Marie Ferrara
Photography: Cédric Delsaux
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