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June 2009


Film advertisement created by Saatchi & Saatchi, Mexico for, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Mexico
Creative Director: Victor Alvarado
Art Director: Victor Alvarado
Copywriter: Fernando Carrera
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really lovely.

Jakarta Jack
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not interesting enough

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Well, the Cannes Lions Jury founded it interesting enough. It won Gold in the Film Young Lions Competition.

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Art Director
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btw, the stop motion era should be over...seriously

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Quite really.

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agree 100%

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it`s not over until `Young & Rubicam Perú` used this technique and proclaimed this as their most creative output that they ever have done - than it`s definitivly over

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I think it matter the way you produce an idea, but the most important thing is the idea, the concept of the idea.
I don't care if it's made with side by side, if the idea is awesome.
I really like this idea, and it's not because of the stop motion and the 24 hours the young creatives had to produce it.

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They had 48 hours actually, that, a cellphone, a laptop and their own brains, thats it. I think this ad is great.

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All (stop motion included) in 48 hours, 2 creatives under 28 years, with a cell phone.
Gold in Cannes Young Creatives Film Competition

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old stuff

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What is "old stuff", winning a Gold Lion?

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I still like it, hello guys from czech republic, hope to see you next year in cannes :)

victoralvaradov's picture

Hey guys!
How are you?
Send us your ad, I think we never got the chance to see it.

Hope to see you in Cannes 2010 yes!

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Art Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Mexico
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Brother deja a la gente opinar!!! Esto es un foro para eso.

No todo el mundo está de acuerdo ni con tus ideas, ni con el jurado de cannes, ni con que Fernando Carrera sea Joven creativo .

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Tienes razón:
- La gente no tiene que estar de acuerdo conmigo ni con mis ideas.
- no todo mundo esta de acuerdo con el jurado de Cannes (y con muchos otros).
- Fernando no es joven creativo; es MUY joven (por su edad todavía va a participar el año que entra) y muy creativo (este es su SEGUNDO león).

Es un lastima que los peores comentarios se hagan en nuestro idioma "brother".

Esta es mi opinión.

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vos sos un ladrón de ideas!!! y Fernando un impostor!!!

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Its a fantastic piece of work !!

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fantastic piece of work!!!

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this is love for film. you can feel it. great

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It's magic. Well done guys!

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