Missing Link

January 2020


Proving that ‘it’s not a conspiracy, it’s just good coffee,’ the 50s/60s newsreel-esque campaign battles conspiracy theories to debunk the myth of what a coffee grinder should be – and how Fellow can solve seemingly impossible problems. The spot, which includes references to such iconic conspiracies as Bigfoot and the ‘faked’ Moon landing, sees disgruntled former employee and whistle-blower Espresso Snowden attempt to reveal the mysteries behind Fellow’s latest product. Luckily, scientists at Fellow Industries provide explanations for each aspect of the grinder – proving why it goes above and beyond many professional models.

Production Company: Great Guns
Director: Cassandra Brooksbank
DOP: Matthew Macar
Producer: Max Solomon
Executive Producer: Cassandra Brooksbank, Thom Fennessey
Writer: Cassandra Brooksbank, Hannah Miller
PD: Amanda Rose Fletcher
Stylist: Christina Bushner
AD: Adrian Rozas Cristino
1st AC: Kevin James Barry
2nd AC: Cortlin Barrow
Propmaster: Chris Schwartz
Gaffer: Eddie Ruiz
Best Boy: Oscar Martinez
Audio Mixer: Bradley Trip Clark
Boom Operator: Brian Orcullo
Makeup: Keaghlan Ashley
PAs: Adrian Mancini, Rose Carr, Andrew Brooksbank, Matt Trainor Post
Edit / Sound Edit: Cassandra Brooksbank
VFX / Color: Matthew Macar
Mix: Trip Clark Cast
Buzz Aldrin: Jeffrey Michael Scott
Farmer Clyde: Michael McCann
Farmer Martha: Lori Jean Wilson
Espresso Snowden: Kristen Lundberg
Bergamot Bloom: Andrew Searles
Penny Pacamara, PHD: Stephanie Sherry
Bigfoot: Alan Maxson
Moon Landing Director: Cassandra Brooksbank
Moon Landing DP: Jeremy Kuempel
Moon Landing Crew: Amanda So, Andrew Brooksbank, George Sylvain
Lab Rats: Jake Miller, Hannah Miller, Jess Strayer, Hanna McPhee, Zeke Shepherd-Lykken, Arthur Taylor
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