Be Perfectly Whelmed

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January 2020


The new work positions the destination as a place to become perfectly Whelmed- a vacation experience so satisfying that one is neither overwhelmed nor underwhelmed. The campaign was inspired by trend analysis, as well as a research survey conducted by Experience Kissimmee where they asked 500 parents about their recent travels. The research found that respondents, especially moms, felt exhausted after a family vacation. Overscheduling activities and cramped lodgings typically added undue stress to a setting that was meant to be fun and refreshing. Research showed that 76 percent of those surveyed by Experience Kissimmee who stated their vacation was “just right” also felt that afterward they needed a vacation from their vacation. With scheduling noted as one of the major drains, having both “no downtime” and “not enough time,” the hectic pace of a vacation is often working to keep children entertained, and feels more exhausting than relaxing. As a result, Experience Kissimmee has vowed to help parents solve the vacation balance challenge. “Seventy-nine percent of our respondents said they feel like they need a vacation more when they get home from a trip than when the trip started,” said DT Minich, Experience Kissimmee President and CEO. “We see a huge opportunity to help parents realize that they, too, can enjoy their vacation. Parents can find balance by bringing joy to their children and themselves. They can be perfectly Whelmed.

Film advertisement created by Zambezi, United States for Experience Kissimmee, within the category: Hospitality, Tourism.

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