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February 2015


Film advertisement created by Leo Burnett, United States for Esurance, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Susan Credle
Creative Directors: Brian Shembeda, Jeff Candido
Associate Creative Directors: Rene Delgado, Jono Paull, Kevin Goff
Executive Producer: Matt Blitz
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Account Director: Susan Stefaniak
Account Director: CJ Nielsen
Senior Account Executive: Myco Nguyen
Assistant Account Executive: Harley Griffiths
Planning Director: Mike Siska
Strategy Director: Andrew Malloy
Director of Community Management: Alina Cowden, Daniel Craig
Senior Community Manager: Dierdra Lucas
Director: Tim Godsall
Music Co: The Elements
Editor: Grant Gustafson-Cutters
Post / FX: Radar Studios
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Liviu's picture

funny! clever campaing

Activity Score 4405
Pete R.'s picture

Good campaign idea.

Pete R.
Activity Score 3412
cynic's picture

Nice. I liked the version with the guy from breaking bad better. Then again, it only works with that particular character.

Activity Score 81
damnson's picture

What happened to your face Lindsay?

Activity Score 11517
Copywriter |

An axe murderer of ads.

Darkwing Duck's picture

Ha! You have to love it when people make fun of themselves. This commercial illustrates the fact that you just dont know who is behind the tinted windows of that mini van speeding down the highway. Cars can be the same but drivers are always different. For example: I drive my car one way. My ex-girlfriend, the one and only time i let her drive my ride, drove it considerably different and into a curb. Same car, just one good driver and one bad driver.
Also, has anyone noticed that more high profile celebrities are showing up in commercials now-a-days? i know Lindsay just needed the work. But I remember when real celebrities would only do commercials overseas.

Darkwing Duck
Activity Score 18
Liviu's picture

funny! clever campaing

Activity Score 4405
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