Sorta Mr. Craig

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February 2015


Film advertisement created by Leo Burnett, United States for Esurance, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Susan Credle
Creative Directors: Brian Shembeda, Jeff Candido
Associate Creative Directors: Rene Delgado, Jono Paull, Kevin Goff
Executive Producer: Matt Blitz
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Account Director: Susan Stefaniak
Account Director: CJ Nielsen
Senior Account Executive: Myco Nguyen
Assistant Account Executive: Harley Griffiths
Planning Director: Mike Siska
Strategy Director: Andrew Malloy
Director of Community Management: Alina Cowden, Daniel Craig
Senior Community Manager: Dierdra Lucas
Director: Tim Godsall
Music Co: The Elements
Editor: Grant Gustafson-Cutters
Post / FX: Radar Studios
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the one with Lindsay Lohan is better than this one,

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the one with Lindsay Lohan is better than this one,

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This one's alright.

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I like that Esurance is continuing with their "sorta you, isn't you" campaign. Their commercial with Walt from Breaking Bad grabbed a lot of people's attention and I think it was wise to follow it up with first the Lindsey Lohan ad (my favorite one) and now Mr. Craig the "school teacher". This ad is effective since it's following up with the theme of sorta you, isn't you and automatically stands out to people because they recognize the theme. The ad also has some humor to it and once you realize that it's an Esurance ad, then you know it will most likely be funny. Esurance does a good job of associating their humorous series of ads with their company, so that people connect something happy with the Esurance company when watching their ads. I would have liked to see the ad be a little bit longer with maybe some more "banter" back and forth between the parents and the teacher, but overall i thought it was an effective ad and followed up their Super Bowl and Lindsey Lohan ad nicely.

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