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November 2021


Elementor Introduces Web Creator Campaign, Paying Tribute to the Fast
Growing Workforce of Creators who Make the Web Go Round.

The 90 second video gives a window into the people who run the web world we all live in- letting us into the secret movement of the web creators, who actually live among us as regular people. Coming from design, development, marketing, or all three they take these skills and add a new layer to them. They ask, with a web mindset, what would work online? They are builders who create new web realities every day. This makes them multi-layered and deepens their skills beyond the traditional professions, creating a new breed of professional - the web creator, powering the digital world, one pixel at a time.

Elementor was founded with the mission of enabling web creators to realise their vast potential by improving every step of the website building process. At the heart of Elementor’s success is a diverse community in over 150 countries. This campaign is an ode to their work.

Film advertisement created by Elementor, Israel for Elementor, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: Elementor, Tel Aviv, Israel
Creative: Elementor
Brand Marketing Director: Mascha Sachs
Brand Manager: Hadas Golzaker
Creative & Design Marketing Director: Avi Inbar
Creative Team Leader: Elad Gaizler
Senior Creative Productions Manager: Asaf Feider
Head Of Design: Ronit Cyjon
Designer: Hadas Kremer
Brand Designer: Daniel Hayout
Production: Jiminy Creative
Director: Eli Sverdlov
Creative Consultant: Alon Seifert
Music: Tomer Biran
D.o.p: Emmanuel Kadosh
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