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October 2020


Matching the spirit of “craft” that remains the basis of Eisenbahn’s philosophy, the spot was produced with a combination of live action and playful animation styles including pixelation, and mixed-media live elements seeing the train along its tracks--and even diving into the lager itself. LOBO constructed an entire bar in-studio for the shoot, printing every frame of animated sequence on actual cut and painted cardboard.

Film advertisement created by Suno, Brazil for Eisenbahn, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: SUNO United Creators
Director: Gabriel Nobrega
Executive Producers: Francisco Puech Leão, Alberto Lopes, Sérgio Salles
DP: Lucas Andres Barreto
Art Director: Marcos Gardonyi Carvalheiro
Attendance: Thaís Lopes, Marcia Guimarães
Producer: Eduardo Silva, Ricardo Vaz
Post Coordination: Clara Morelli, Rosangela Gomes
Coordination of Stop Motion and Miniatures Team: Bianca Viani
Art Direction and Set Design Stop Motion / Miniatures: Fabiana Fukui, Borys Duke
Art Assistant: Michelle Chuang, Ani Valentim, Pedro pine
Miniature Roller Coaster Project: Carmem Guerra
Miniature Train: Leonardo Muela, Ricardo Argenton
Rigs | Stop Motion / Miniature: Leonardo Muela, Ricardo Argenton, Nidin Sanches
Art | Stop Motion / Thumbnails: Fabiana Fukui, Borys Duke, Moon Nucci
Animation and Motion Control Assistant | Making of: Nidin Sanches
Executive Production Assistant: Marcelo Abrahão Jacob
Practical Special Effects Technician: Shiyozi Izuno Filho, Julio Aires Sobrinho
Cenotechnician: Aldacir Alberto Leonarchik
Camera Operator: Renato da Silva Fonseca Leitão
Object Production: Ana Paula Cordeiro Braga
Costume Designer: Juliana Freire Prysthon
Prop Master: Ana Lúcia Valentim
Makeup Artist: Ronaldo da Cunha Teixeira
Chief Electrician: José Antonio Taffe
Chief Driver: Daniel Francisco dos Santos
Post Coordination Assistant: Bruna Boretto
Animatic: Marcos Samia, Márcio Nicolosi
Assembly: Eduardo Silva
3D Coordination: Marcos Samia
Modeling: Marcos Smirkoff, Guto Sposito
Texture: Felipe Ferreira
Render: Felipe Ferreira, Marcos Samia
Simulation: Gabriel Reid, Lucas Stringhetti
Color: Leticia Blanco
Comp Head: Leandro Pena
Comp: Carlos Campos, Nara Andrade, Rodrigo Silva, Leonardo Augusto da Silva
Roto: Diego Ruiz, Gassan Abduni
Sound Production: DaHouse Audio
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