Stop child abuse

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June 2009
Advertising Agency: BETC Euro RSCG
Creative Director: Florence Bellisson
Writers: Jean-Christophe Royer, Esther Fockenoy
Art directors: Eric Astorgue, Julien Schmitt
Production company: Partizan
Director: Asger Leth
TV producer: David Green
Sound production: Majoie
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sirvan's picture

I'm assuming the masks are the guy's face at the end? Kindof hard to tell.

The masks certainly make the spot creepier, but do you really need them?

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No demand. No supply, is of course 100% correct. But are you really appealing to men who watch child porn to stop it so children will stop being abused? If so, I think you are being incurably optimistic. These scum want children to be abused, so pointing out that it happens in their name or for them will just get them off.

You may as well appeal to a scorpion to stop acting like a scorpion.

just write's picture

i am not so sure.... this doesnt look so effective... bur I like the execution...

just write
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she_kai's picture

if u buy fur ,u`re killing the animals...old concept,and ok excution

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Guest's picture

While it might not have the right message, at least it's dead scary.... It creeps on your back, and gets you with emotion.
That's great execution.

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nice idea, I love the meta-direct language.

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