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January 2015


Film advertisement created by Hub, United States for Eat24, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Hub Strategy, USA
Production Company: Hub Strategy & Communication
Director: DJ O'Neil
Producer: Jeremy Cook
Director of Photography: Greg Schmitt
Production Designer: Alex Fymat
Hub Creative Director: Peter Judd
Hub Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Hugh Gurin
Production Coordinator: Zoe Drazen
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that's something.

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You're not yourself when you're hangry?

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An axe murderer of ads.

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I just can't really believe NOONE at the agency (and client side) has recognized that they are copying the idea of one of the best-known campaign out there.

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Haha nice

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WadeDR's picture

This ad was a great way to get this company some attention. This brand is not too well known, so getting Snoop Dog to endorse the product for them during the Super Bowl is a great way to boost their brand. It was simple and funny unlike many of the ads that took a more serious approach during this year's big game. The only problem I have with this ad is that it does not describe what the company is about or how it works. Although if I was hungry and was looking for a good deal, this might be worth the look. This commercial reminded me of the Snickers commercials, when they say "You're not you when you're hungry". Being hangry is very relatable and can be a phrase that catches on quickly.

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that's something.

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