August 2020


A growing population, rapidly rising emissions, and the destruction of natural habitats are creating enormous environmental challenges. If we are to sustainably feed 9.7 billion people by 2050, the time to change is now. As the leading experts in animal agriculture, DSM Animal Nutrition and Health set out to lead an unparalleled worldwide transformation in animal protein production through its strategic initiative: We Make It Possible.

Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals 2, 3, 12, 13, 14, We Make It Possible is driven by six sustainability platforms that address the major challenges facing the animal farming industry:

Improving the lifetime performance of farm animals
Improving the quality of animal protein while reducing food loss and waste
Reducing emissions from livestock
Making efficient use of natural resources
Reducing the reliance on marine resources
Helping tackle antimicrobial resistance

DSM has a long and rich heritage in the sustainability arena, and it is on that basis that we operate as a purpose-led company. Companies can no longer delay this aspect. They must step up and embrace sustainability in all aspects: it is vital to the success of business, just as it is vital to everything else. The We Make It Possible movement comes after many years of investment and innovation in scientific solutions aimed at providing real answers to the challenges facing the agriculture industry, and marks not a new beginning, but a significant acceleration of the journey towards a more sustainable future. We believe we can make animal farming sustainable – from a social, financial, and environmental perspective – by leading on tangible and actionable solutions that cater to the customer we care most about: planet earth. If not us, who, If not now, when?

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