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March 2019
Doug NYC: We're Doug
Doug NYC: We're Doug
Doug NYC Film Ad - We're Doug
Doug NYC Film Ad - We're Doug


Hi Ads of the World,

Think diversity is ruining advertising? You're not alone. A new agency, Doug NYC, just launched in order to provide a white space in the industry. Doug NYC is an all-white, male-led creative agency that believes being homogeneous is genius.

The site, backdropped in calming shades of white, welcomes visitors to the Future of Advertising. A video, “We’re Doug,” asks people to “Believe in the power of sameness.” One image on the site reads, “If great minds think alike, we're the greatest!”

Sound backwards and...well, stupid? Doug was created as a parody by L.A. independent agency Dailey, which, since its 2017 buyback from IPG, has consciously tried to hire and promote for diversity.

Dailey created the agency to promote its SXSW panel, “How Diversity Became Our Implicit Bias.” As viewers watch it, the site (and video) start to glitch, saying, “The future of advertising is diverse. Get the real answers.” Clicking on the video or the “learn more” button leads to the information page for the panel.

Doug NYC is posting once a day on its Instagram page. At the festival, a street team is airdropping digital Doug NYC flyers, geotargeting Instagram posts, and handing out Doug NYC business cards with catchy phrases like “Other shops pale in comparison.”

Film advertisement created by Dailey, United States for Doug NYC, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: Dailey, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Marcus Wesson
Managing Partner: Jean Grabow
Managing Partner: Bill Waldner
Managing Partner: Michelle Wong
Account Director: Stephanie Demers
Art Director: Francesca Casillas
Senior Copywriter: Tim Kelly
Senior Producer/Editor: Marissa Kitazawa
Social Media Manager: Lizzie Calvert
Shooter/Editor: Nick Lovell
Sr. Audio Engineer/ Sound Designer: Henry Correa
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