The Duck & The Boy

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April 2016


No other nation loves Donald Duck as much as the Finns. Even today, in the world of Netflix, YouTube and mobile phones, almost 1 million Finns read the Donald Duck magazine every week.

Film advertisement created by Bob the Robot, Finland for Donald Duck Magazine, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Bob the Robot, Finland
Creative Director / Storywriter: Jannis Mavrostomos
Copywriter: Erol Tekkanat
Account Director: Anna Holtari
Producer: Heidi Nieminen
Commercial Director: Sinikka Alanne
Consumer Branding Manager: Minna Jaakola
Editor-in-chief: Aki Hyyppä
Managing Editor: Viia Viitanen
Production company: Pablo Films
Director: Juho Konstig
Producer: Henri Ollinkari
DOP: Tuomas Järvelä
Editor: Mikko Huupponen
Animation: Fake
Music: Totte Rautiainen
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What's going on?

Khanh Le
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What's going on?

Khanh Le
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I agree. Do not know since I do not live in that country.

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Okkay I guess

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To clear up some of the confusion, as mentioned above this is an ad for Donald Ducks weekly magazine, which is a comic book published in many parts of the world but is especially popular in Scandanavia.

The ad is a story of how kids grow up reading the magazine, and is a metaphor for how Donald Duck and his magazines is a big part of their childhood, only to be thrown away once they grow older. After a while though, the kids go back to the magazine as adults to relive some of that childish fun. The mom throwing out the duck is a reference to a favorite pastime shared by millions of moms worldwide: throwing away their kids old comic books :)

The end line in the ad, translated, means "never grow up". Aku Ankka is the Finnish name for Donald Duck.

Hope this clears things up. Some of this was taken from Adland's writeup of the ad, and the rest is from direct experience (arab countries love Donald Duck too :) )

From Adland: "Finland is a huge Donald Duck fan. So much so that one million Finns read Aku Ankka, Donald Duck Magazine, every week. Most Finns grew up learning how to read with Donald Duck so it's a big deal.
What also is a big deal is how this film really captures the emotional attachment to that magazine without showing the character himself. It's a surprisingly moving spot with a bit of a heartwarming ending, too. The end line, translated, means "never grow up.""

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If you need to explain so much an ad, it means it's not the best one...

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