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October 2014


This June, Domino's introduced Dom, its new virtual voice ordering assistant, on its apps for iPhone and Android. While other voice-controlled devices attempt to do everything and know everything, Dom is all about one thing: ordering pizza. The spot shows one man discovering just how single-minded Dom really is.

Film advertisement created by CP+B, United States for Domino's Pizza, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: CP+B, USA
Chief Creative Officer: ​Ralph Watson
Executive Creative Director: ​Tony Calcao
Creative Directors: Andrew Lincoln, Matt Talbot
Associate Design Director: Scott Pridgen
Associate Creative Directors: Mona Hasan
Senior Art Director: Edi Inderbitzin
Account Director: Alex Guerri
Tech Director: Harold Jones
Experience Director: Rich Giuliani
Producers: Julie Vosbourgh, Jake Johnson
Jr. Producer: Rachel Noonan
Content Supervisor: Stacy Geldzahler
Content Managers: Sam Carolan
Designer: ​Tim Opsahl
Digital Artist: Brett Reiland
Motion Design Director: Andy Schulman
Project Manager: Samantha Calvert
Executive Business Manager: ​​Katherine Graham-Smith
Business Affairs Manager: ​​Daphne Papadopulos
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damnson's picture

I don't get why you would write a comment that long, but this ad sucked.

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An axe murderer of ads.

dorysherrod's picture

I think this a useful and clever way to show a new feature for the Domino's pizza app. Ordering pizza is becoming easier with use of technology and Domino's is taking advantage of it by being the one of the only major pizza companies the uses audio assisted ordering. I enjoyed the humor of the ad how it showed when and where you shouldn't use the app feature dom, like during a fight in a pool or canceling a meeting to go surfing. This commercial show the ideal use of the app, like when you burn dinner and the app already knows your regular order. This app is coming at the perfect time, with the IPhone 6 coming in September and football and baseball season underway.Domino's was very smart when deciding on the release date for this app. Overall, the commercial was very fitting and smart for the debuting the new pizza ordering app, dom.

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niazasu's picture

I wasn’t really a fan of this commercial for a couple reasons. I love when humor is used in commercials but it has to actually be funny. This commercial was not funny and nor really that clever. They used “Dom” instead of Siri. That’s not funny. I wasn’t thinking, “Oh I see what they did there!” I was thinking how lame “Dom’s” answers were. The answers could have been much more entertaining and there was just so much more potential for humor in the responses. I get that the ad is trying to be topical and reference how technology is changing and how often we use Siri, S Voice, or Google Now which is great but you have to keep the way they’re used consistent. If you’re going to say “Dom” for one of the commands, then you have to keep saying it for all the other commands. As for the actual app that Domino’s is promoting, it seems useless. I personally am not a fan of voice activated phone systems. I rather just dial a number. It’s not often that I’m alone in a quiet room when calling a service, especially to order a pizza. Why would I want to go through the hassle of repeating myself to a robot who will most likely mishear or misunderstand what I just said at least 20% of the time when I could use the regular app and order a pizza more efficiently and quickly. I have nothing against Domino’s but this commercial was probably their worst one in my humble opinion. Not funny. Not realistic. Not entertaining. Maybe I'm being too cynical or maybe I've just seen a lot of really good and funny commercials before.

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highjumper's picture

I am not sure how I feel about this commercial. There were parts I liked and parts I didn’t like. I thought it was very creative that dominos brought pizza in at any given moment possible. I like the fact that the guy in the commercial is very relatable; relatable in the fact that he looks like the “average” person. Also relatable in the fact that he kept asking his phone questions, like where is orion’s belt? That scene, along with the scene of him asking if his phone knew karate were touches of comedy, which I thought, were creative touches. But one the reasons that I am not the biggest fan of this commercial are the scene where he asks his phone if it knows karate. I didn’t like this part because I thought it was very dramatic and kind of cliché to have the “nerdy” looking guy get almost beat up by multiple bigger guys. This kind of contradicts what I sis earlier about him being normal, but the billiard scene is the only part I didn’t like. The end scene where he burns his food was very funny to me because of how badly the food was burnt. I really loved the end when he was crawling on the floor under the smoke while ordering his pizza. This was creative of dominos because it showed how easy it is to use “Dom” and it showed that “Dom” remembered what he had ordered before. I am a huge fan of Dominos pizza and thought that this was a good commercial to show off their product.

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cafasu's picture

This add was okay, I guess. I think it does a good job at showing off how the new dominos pizza app can take orders, literally, and order your pizza for you via smart phone voice commands. Although, I do not really understand the point of the application because it seems to similar to actually speaking with an actual human and even more similar to speaking with one of those notoriously aggravating voice prompt automated telephone persons. I feel as if that you might as well just call dominos and place your order with a real person instead, and it would probably be more efficient or just order the pizza online.

The add was still pretty funny as far as the different events that the character was living through while trying to order his pizza. The commercial gives us a clear idea as how the voice app works, ad the character talks into the phone in different situations and settings. I think the add is very clear, and it gets the point of the ad though the viewer pretty easy. Truthfully, Ill probably never use this app though. I think it would be more of a hindrance putting this app on my phone, plus I don’t want to see it on my phone, nor do I eat take out pizza enough to want it on my phone either. It seems like a good idea, but not for me at least.

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damnson's picture

I don't get why you would write a comment that long, but this ad sucked.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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They're all students and it's part of a class assignment. Same goes for all of the other multi-paragraph comments.

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damnson's picture

Aha! Thanks. I have no beef with those long comments, I was just baffled to see them on the site!

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An axe murderer of ads.

kleenex's picture

I like concept for this ad.

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Temple's picture

It's nice to see students' comments on this site, but, hey boys and girls, why don't you start with something more profound like Apple's 1984? Writing long comments on an obscure (in 60 days) commercial won't get you anywhere!

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