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I wish more ads were so peaceful and elegant.

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.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Agree with morse. Amazing work. Great viral advertising. I like the making of detail at the begining and the shots are really beautiful. I just think that maybe 2:30 long would be better. For me looks like too long. Outstanding ad anyway.

Carlos Aledo
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That was really, really neat! Well done.

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Beautiful indeed.
I just grieve for all the beautiful trees they chopped down to make the damn xylophone...
As an advertising piece: 9. Apple wishes the coolness of their products still had accordingly cool ads.
As a statement for the environment (which it obviously isn't): 0.

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I like the name of the phone.... touch wood.

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Elegance and subtle film. Need some translation.
Text in the end of film is likely
“artificial forest need to chop down ???”
“use only certificate woods, help us to preserve natural???”

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Simple connection with the product.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Well done
touch wood

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too long imho. its pretty and all, but there really is no connection between classical music on a downslope xylophone in the woods and a telephone with a wooden back. i think its just an excuse to make something "pretty" without any concept whatsoever. is "touch wood" the product name or tagline? either wont change anything since it doesnt really make sense.

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Quite really.

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great mature stuff, just wish if the music process was shorter.

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Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Love it. A wooden enclosure? WOW!
Jonathan Ive, are you watching this?

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just came from a straining meeting, watched this and now i'm totally relaxed. thanks!

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This is so amusing, so peaceful... It's an amazing work, a great piece of art for me.
Very brave client, very creative team. I really, really enjoyed this.

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well expended money. just neat, elegant, and great

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Am I really in the absolute minority hear for thinking this is so boring?

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Beautiful commercial, beautiful product....the xylophone could have been a little more varied if i'm being picky.

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YES! I'M FEELING IT BEBEH! AWESOMESAUCE T_T You get my rare 10 stars.

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As jff said - i give this my very rare 10 stars. This is just brilliant and so extremely well executed. I'm almost speechless - for real.

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Could win the Grand Prix in Cannes. And should.

Mr. Green
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Pure art.

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Lovely, but too long for me.

Aga Grandowicz
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Only a the end disappoint a bit'...

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Beautiful conecction. Very nice, simple and elegant. Maybe is a little long.

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Suchita Bhhatia
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