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February 2012


Film advertisement created by Wieden + Kennedy, United States for Diet Coke, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Bicoastal / London-based Park Pictures’ director Ellen Kuras pays tribute to the all the hard work that goes on behind the magic of the movies in the new :60 “Advertising Agency” for Diet Coke out of Wieden+Kennedy, Portland. The spot features a medley of individuals collaborating to create a film: from writers, actors, cameramen, grips, and stunt men, to the man applying the advertisements to a billboard. Diet Coke inspires all of these individuals to “Stay Extraordinary.” The spot debuted on last Sunday’s 84th Annual Academy Awards. “Credit” opens on a shot of the Hollywood sign before cutting to a screenwriter putting the finishing touches on a script. The vision is quickly realized as we cut a shot of a young man rehearsing lines while anxiously awaiting his audition. The project moves further along the pipeline as we see it evolve through design concepts, to lighting and technical tests on set, and the shoot. After the billboards go up, their dedication culminates in the theatrical release of the movie. Finally, we see a live audience comfortably settling in to experience the nostalgia of the cinema with their popcorn and Diet Coke. Wide doors of a studio set close as we see the super, “Not all stars appear on-screen. Stay Extraordinary.”
Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Portland, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman
Creative Directors: Hal Curtis, Jeff Gillette
Art Director: Monica Taylor
Project Manager: Laurie Holtz
Account Director: Gene Willis
Account Supervisor: Emily Jackson
Executive Agency Producer: Ben Grylewicz
Agency Producer: Chris Capretto
Business Affairs: Cindy Lewellen
Broadcast Traffic: Tara Allender
Production Company: Park Pictures
Director / DP: Ellen Kuras
Executive Producer / Owner: Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Executive Producer / Head of Production: Dinah Rodriguez
Line Producer: Kelli Abraham
Production Designer: Kevin Bird
Post Production: Rock Paper Scissors LA
Editor: Biff Butler
Editorial Producer: Angela Dorian
VFX: A52
VFX Supervisor: Jesse Monsour
VFX Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall
VFX Producer: Matt Olman
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winslowcase's picture

Bravo! Absolutely outstanding commercial in every way. After 50 years on madison avenue, this is the commercial I wish I had created. Right On!

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chuckieT's picture

Should have ended with the line "Stay sexy San Diego". Would have made more sense than this clunker.

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Hadrons's picture

As they say in my country: חארטה בפיתה (shit in your pocket bread) .

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Wordfruit's picture

"Not all stars appear on-screen."

I don't get a huge sense of this idea from the ad.

Of course, there's so many clips of so many people, that there's not really time to 'get to know' anyone, and to build an affinity and see them all as stars. 60 seconds is of course pretty tight for that anyway.

McDonalds I think have managed a similar-ish idea in 60 seconds though, though with less focus on the idea of 'stars'.

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dean viii's picture

Ripped off line. Just not executed that well.

dean viii
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cliqflip's picture

Still not bad

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Temple's picture

Decent, it was for the Oscars night people, give it a break.

Activity Score 11339
Creative Director
winslowcase's picture

Bravo! Absolutely outstanding commercial in every way. After 50 years on madison avenue, this is the commercial I wish I had created. Right On!

Activity Score 2
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