First Day After Corona-virus

Agency Network: 
April 2020


We are as agency asked by Kurdistan Regional Government to produce a TVC that encourage people to stay home and follow the instructions, then people soon can get back to their nicest days. This movie is full of hope and inspiration .

Film advertisement created by Sulimedia, Iraq for Department of Media and Information - KRG, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


How depressing are these sights… They hurt us all But rest assured a day will come that we reopen our store doors Wake up early and return to the classrooms A day will come… that we replenish our bazaars with life And revive the teahouses with hustle-and-bustle Then, we greet our mornings with serenity and tread towards our dreams Without any distress or reluctance, we take a kilo of fresh fruits home No longer will we have our coffees alone Once more, we’ll adorn streets and neighborhoods with colorful school uniforms You comply… And rest assured that we will get back to those days

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