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December 2017


As we follow our couple on their final stop of the evening—after a very busy Christmas Day together visiting family, they find themselves finally having a moment alone as they walk down the street, it is then when he gives her his gift.

Whilst this scene is rolling, we cut multiple times to past scenes leading up to this point. Simultaneously throughout the scenes, a monologue speech is playing – the protagonist citing all the things he loves about his partner.

We follow him as secretly attempts to learn to the one thing she loves most... He learns to dance. We also use these cut scenes to show their love, with little indications of their relationship and history. We then begin to understand his caring motives as we learn about his partner’s history and relationship with dance.

He is learning so that he can re-ignite her passion and enjoyment for something she feels she no longer has time for. Ultimately, his gift is to show how well he knows her and much she means to him.

In a time when we feel pressure to buy everything, our protagonist has chosen to take their time and create something of more worth — to valuing; craft and care over an easier, but ultimately empty, gesture.

His gift is not just a panicked soulless purchase—his time is a metaphor for the careful production, care and dedication that Dents have held since the beginning.

The film features, albeit subtly—the Dents brand (gloves, hats, scarfs et al) without following the status-quo of a brash and ugly selling pitch of products.

Beautifully shot scenes coupled with the composed score, create an engaging and emotional storyline—capturing a ‘Dents couple’, their relationship, values and the quintessential British Christmas experience. Making the film is relatable to real life. However; with a generous sprinkling of magic; helping capture the nostalgic, romantic feeling that surrounds us at Christmas time.

The aim of the film is to connect and to cause conversation; creating a dialogue with customers old and new. We want to talk about and celebrate the effort of giving gifts that require a little more thought — and choosing quality over quantity.

Film advertisement created by Supreme DBA, United Kingdom for Dents, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Supreme DBA, UK
Creative Director: Justin Barrow
Art Director / Copywriter: Robyn Blackwood
Videographer: Justin Glynn
Sound: Russell Parrett
Score: Gordana Jovkovic
Production: Justin Barrow, Robyn Blackwood
Makeup: Morgan Brinsley-Plumpton
Actors: Lee Chapman, Faye Banks
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