October 2009


Imagine you have to film a story set in The States during the 50’s decade... What would be your first step? If you are director Pep Bosch you’d balance such alternatives to shoot as L.A and Toronto, then finally deciding to go straight ahead to Bulgaria, where you can use the filming set of De Palma’s thriller “The Black Dahlia”.

Your next step then would be to assemble a cast of American, English and Bulgarian actors and finally turning the time-machine backwards until the Eisenhower era. In such a scenario the only new thing, very new indeed would be one red car. It does sound cool, doesn’t it?

When DDB Barcelona commissioned this film to Agosto the idea behind the spot was that it’s not enough to define the new Polo as cool, a story was needed to make evident what cool really means; to be self-confident, when you are cool, there’s no need for show-offs or bragging. The result, a spot to demonstrate that sometimes, the best way to win is not to compete at all.

Editor: Alba Oriol Music: BSO

Advertising Agency: DDB Barcelona, Spain
Client marketing director: Caita Montserrat
Client advertising director: Albert Garcia
Agency Producer: Vicky Moñino
Creative Directors: Jose Maria Roca de Viñals, Juan Ramón Alfaro
Account manager: Gorka Lozano
Director: Pep Bosch
Production Company: Agosto
Producer: Julia Carrasco
Director of Photography: Paco Femenía
Post Production: Infinia
Production Service Company: Film-maker, Sofía
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In india for a Colddrink Brand.

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who bloody cares?

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i found it cute :(

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Quite really.

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Dunno about that. Thought it was going somewhere good but it didn't really.

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all that retro work just for a final like this? Ouch, poor.

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nice production, bad end

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I agree - end is bad..

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yeah.. done for Thumbs-up in india about 4 years ago. though i like this one better.

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ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Stealing is so bad. This is the Peugeot's commercial you've stolen: Got promoted? Payed your mortgage? Shame.

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First, this is better done than the Peugeot spot.

Second, you're assuming that they new of this spot. I'm sure that many people have had this idea over time. If they came up with it on their own, it isn't stealing no matter how many examples you find. It just means it has been done before.

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Yes, the story is the same with that 15 year old Peugeot 106 commercial, but listen "guest" above, it is one thing to come here and review an ad, and another to personaly attack somebody regarding their mortgages and so on. I suppose you don't pay mortgages because you still live with your parents, but it wouldn't hurt to think like an adult.

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