Santa's Forgotten Letters

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May 2011


Film advertisement created by Ogilvy, Brazil for Coca-Cola, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Creative Director: Claudio Lima
Art Directors: Izabella Cabral, Pedro Izique
Copywriters: Fred Aramis, Meg Farquhar
Head of Production: Nana Bittencourt
Production Company: Hungry Man
Director: Alex Mehedff, Ricardo Mehedff
Executive Producer: Alex Mehedff
Field Producer: Susanne Shropshire
Editor: Ricardo Mehedff
Post Production: HungryMan BR
Motion Graphics: Rubens Angelo
Post Producer: Rodrigo Oliveira
Audio: Swing Musica
Music Production / Music Composers: Andrés Goldstein, Daniel Tarrab
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Highest Rated

jagadeesh's picture

would have been great if the coke was not there at the end...

Activity Score 743
ChuckNorris's picture

Touching. Very nice stunt!

Activity Score 834
Creative Director
What'sGood's picture

Brilliant ideas here, first thing that came to mind is why did they not reach out to children? The emotions from people that know Santa isn't real and receiving things they no longer desire takes away potential emotional appeal, whereas seeing little kids receive these things that they recently desired and weren't able to receive would have been extremely heart warming and touching. Very great ideas and production though, music was on point, acting was great too.

Activity Score 6
University of Oregon
ChuckNorris's picture

Children? Isn't that already done every year?
I think the idea here is finding old letters and granting the wishes years later, no?

Activity Score 834
Creative Director
Pranav Karnavat's picture

Beautiful concept and nicely executed. Perfect example of corporate social responsibility.

Pranav Karnavat
Activity Score 5
Prof's picture

I liked the concept at the start, but the exaggerated cheesiness and blatant coke insert into the end of the case film, kinda ruined it for me.

Great santa casting though.

Activity Score 1449
Copywriter |

Quite really.

sambuca's picture

they belive in coke not santa.
in the beginning they wrote about children all over the world. so why didn't they took (or even showed) one of them, instead of choosing suburb us-americans.
i have seen better heart touching stuff than this.

Activity Score 1066
Art Director at tolingo GmbH
kleenex's picture

A pure winner for me.

Activity Score 58777
Web Designer/Developer
CommandZ's picture

Hamfisted Coke ending or not, it made me tear up. Thanks Ogilvy, I do believe in great ideas!

Activity Score 2515
Creative Director
jagadeesh's picture

would have been great if the coke was not there at the end...

Activity Score 743
canhcut8x's picture


Activity Score 3
Glut's picture

next please

Activity Score 3935
Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
TatiiiAlmeida's picture

Thank you my brazilians. I cried =). Wonderful.

Activity Score 166
Copywriter at Marketing in Automotive Aftermarket at Tuba Cabos (automotive cables) |

Automotive Aftermarket Coordinator | Tuba Cabos |

Smelta's picture

The idea is very nice and I sat through the case study with a smile.

Although I wonder where the brand comes in. Okay, you did the good work and won a lion in Cannes, but strengthening Coke's position as a christmas product doesn't really reach out? One might say that a brand like Coca Cola doesn't have to, but I do think there's room for expansion to build the corporate name. And the endless digital possibilities!!

Activity Score 22
Norges Kreative Fagskole
velle's picture

ive been waiting for this my whole life

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