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March 2015


Film advertisement created by Wieden + Kennedy, United States for Coca-Cola, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Joe Staples, Mark Fizloff
Creative Directors: Hal Curtis, Jeff Gillette, Antony Goldstein
Art Director: Gianmaria Schonlieb
Copywriter: Neil Ramanan
Director: Dante Ariola
Producer: Jennifer Hundis
DoP: Philippe Le Sound
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Pete R.'s picture

So I buy a Coke and all goes to hell? ;)

Pete R.
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Pete R.'s picture

So I buy a Coke and all goes to hell? ;)

Pete R.
Activity Score 3412
abake's picture

Yeah, but it's a fun hell!

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RMG Connect Colombia
kleenex's picture

Why not!!

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Web Designer/Developer
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Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Rodins's picture

Dudes, you better stop dringing cola-cola!!!

Activity Score 3
damnson's picture

Oh lord, this was forced as hell. Painful to watch.

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Copywriter |

An axe murderer of ads.

halaby87's picture

And then the world ends , well buy your own coke

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talkingisfree's picture

Is fun and makes the point. Well produced. Stop overthinking it all. If your take out is that drink Coca Cola and the world ends then that is some twisted thinking, not certainly what the spot delivers.

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Art Director
simonreviews's picture

Very basic concept, mega production... and that's it...
Seriously, all these concepts for the last few coke adverts I have seen are really plain...

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amains's picture

This advertisement reminds me of the McDonalds Super Bowl Ad, "Paying with Love." It seems like companies are almost switching up that their audience is. However, this ad I think takes it a little too far in basically saying that if you but a Coke bad things are going to happen and they don't get better but get worse. It does have a humorous quality about it but the ad is kind of a downer that the only thing that can make someone’s day better is a Coke, and even then someone else is having a worse day than you so you should pass it on? This is just weird, it’s a never ending commercial, I mean when do you stop passing on the Coke? Will the horrible things happening ever end? It’s just my opinion but the passing on of the Coke bottle should’ve stopped maybe at the second/third person. The commercial was dragged out too long.

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jarekdolega's picture

take the coke and the world will blow up? ok... pepsi please ;) but ad is funny

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Marketing Manager
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