Stand Up to "Stand Your Ground"

August 2013


PSA from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence urging Americans to "Stand up to 'Stand Your Ground'" laws in 26 states across the country.

Music by Future Perfect Music

Production Company: Narrow Margin Films
Director: Floyd Russ
Copywriters: Marques Gartrell, Kim Nguyen, Floyd Russ
Executive Producer: Adam Palmer
Associate Producers: Cassie Novick, Mike Lobikis, Keely Davenport, Emily Darby
Account Director: Cassie Novick
Art Director: Marques Gartrell
Copywriter: Kim Nguyen
Director of Photography: Josh Fisher
Steadicam: Billy Green
Assistant Director: Adam Murphy

Post Production: Final Cut
President: Stephanie Apt
Executive Producer: Lauren Bleiweiss
Editor: Sonejuhi Sinha
Assistant Editor: Dan Berk
Senior Producer: Viet-An Nguyen
Finishing Producer: Alek Rost
Online / VFX: Cecil Hooker
Graphics: Phil Brooks
Sound Design & Mixing: T. Terressa Tate
Color: Color Collective @ Final Cut
Colorist: Alex Bickel
Composer: Victor Magro
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It's appealing to emotions. Less so to reason.

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it doesnt really explain what standyourground means and why it's a problem

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This is all about Trayvon Martin and his mess down in Florida.

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yes i know.
it still doesnt explain WHY the standyourground law doesnt work.
all this is is an, arguably biased, re-enactment of what happened. this will only convince those who have followed the case rather closely, those who are already convinced, not those who are on the fence or on the other side of it. not to mention, those who have no idea what the stand your ground law is

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The "Stand Your Ground" law wasn't even part of the Zimmerman trial. His lawyers used "self defense" as a criminal defense. Stand Your Ground had nothing to do with it. So the creators of this ad are reaching. Also, Stand Your Ground law simply says that if you are attacked or threatened in your own home, on your own property, etc... that you don't have a legal obligation to retreat. Meaning, if you break into my home I can defend myself without the fear of being criminally prosecuted for doing so. Some states actually make the victim out to be a criminal. For example, I break into your home, put a knife to your throat, and you shoot me... the State could then charge you with a crime for it. How backwards is that?! So the folks who created this spec ad believe people should NOT have the right to defend themselves. They would rather have you run away, cower in fear, or pray to god for your life. I know I'll never work for nor with Grey. EVER. This ad is despicable. It's political propaganda and misinformed at that.

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youre right about the fact that stand your ground wasnt part of the trial, but the whole ordeal highlights a big flaw in the stand your ground law, namely that if you consider someone a threat, you shouldnt be able to approach and confront them (especially after being advised by police not to do so - but this is neither here nor there), and then shoot them when you feel threatened. zimmerman essentially knowingly placed himself in a lethal situation because (in my opinion) he knew he could use his gun scott free if things got bad.
or maybe not.

it really doesnt matter. the point is: stand your ground should only apply when the victim is placed, unwillingly, into a threatening situation, not when he knowingly and actively places himself in such a situation.
and the zimmerman ordeal highlighted this flaw, whether or not it was used in the trial.

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Agreed. The SYG law shouldn't be used to justify a willful act of placing oneself into harms way with the intent to use deadly force. But as you said, that is neither here nor there. This ad is pretty despicable in my eyes. If SYG wasn't part of the trial, why are these people using the event as political fodder to attack the SYG legislation? Propaganda. It's sad that people don't think. Because there are people out there who want to get rid of Castle Doctrine (when they don't even understand it's purpose and intent). And this ad certainly isn't helping.

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