June 2017


The city of Madrid – Spain – struggles air pollution. However, the citizens are not aware of this big issue and keep using their cars as their main means of transportation.Our idea is to make this problem visible by transforming the contamination that comes out of the exhaust pipes into colorful smoke through a newly invented tablet.

Film advertisement created by Miami Ad School, Spain for City of Madrid, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: Chus Rasines
Art Director: Mayi Blanch, Alia Littles
Copywriter: Lucía Mendezona, César Rodríguez
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Ral's picture

Wouldn't this make it hard for other drivers to see the road? Interesting idea, nonetheless.

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Copywriter at Newsun Advertising, Guangzhou China
Ral's picture

Wouldn't this make it hard for other drivers to see the road? Interesting idea, nonetheless.

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Copywriter at Newsun Advertising, Guangzhou China
LuM's picture

Answering everyone's concerns:

We're not proposing to put the tablets without people knowing, we actually say we will deliver them in the points with more traffic influx in the city.
We know it may seem dangerous, however usually the smoke that comes out of the exhaust pipes is not that dense.

Madrid has actually a very serious problem with air pollution that no matter how often the government reminds it, no one does anything about it nor thinks the issue is that serious.

Thank you for all the comments, we will take your feedback into consideration! (:

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Fran Luckin's picture

It's not clear what you want people to do here. Are you asking them to put the tablets on their own exhausts? Are you proposing to put the tablets on people's exhausts without them knowing?
What outcome do you want?
Once people see the coloured smoke, do we want them to stop using their own cars? The campaign needs a communication or PR component to tell people what action you want them to take once you've raised awareness.

Fran Luckin
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Chief Creative Officer at Grey Africa
Swati Bhattacharya's picture

areminds me a little of the salt idea.using coloured salt so that you use less salt on the table.clever idea but is it advisable to have coloured air while driving.if there is a gadget that you could fit into the car that absorbed some carbon...some practical good!

Swati Bhattacharya
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Chief Creative Officer at FCB Ulka
Charlie Wilson's picture

Firstly, I think you're going to swap one problem for another. All that coloured smoke is going to cause a nasty accident.

But more importantly, I don't think you're telling anyone anything new here. People are well aware that car exhausts cause pollution. What you need to concentrate on is the consequences of those exhaust fumes.

Charlie Wilson
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Chief Creative Officer at OgilvyOne Worldwide's picture

Interesting idea, feels complicated though. I would push it towards pr/stunt thinking. Imagine twisting the story, inviting people to some kind festival of colors, the city has never seen before. Let people enjoy the explosion of colors. And than reveal.... Just a thought!

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Creative Director at McCann Belgrade
Corey Cruz's picture

Interesting thought to visualise car exhaust, however, this just makes me think how difficult it is to be a driver with a smoke-belching car in front of you. This is also in actuality adding to the air pollution.

We know that car exhaust is bad—how bad? In a 2016 EU report, 30000 people die each year in Spain due to long-term exposure to air pollution. That's 82 persons per day. If some rando killed 82 people today, it would be in the news.

Find a solid, compelling fact and have a feasible, actionable campaign.

Corey Cruz
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Regional Creative Director - APAC at Digitas
James.s's picture

It's a great starting point. Nice job.

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Creative Director at DDB