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April 2015


Online/PLUTO, Detroit

Film advertisement created by McCann, United States for Chevrolet, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Commonwealth/McCann, USA
Creative Chairman: Linus Karlsson
Chief Creative Officer: Gary Pascoe
Executive Creative Directors: Duffy Patten, Bob Guisgand
Creative Directors: Tim Mattimore, John Fiebke
Executive Producers: Brian DiLorenzo, Kelly Balagna
Senior Producer: Matt Flaker
Account Director: William Wilt
Director: Zach Merck / MAKE
Executive Producer: Dana Locatell
Supervising Producer: Tim Mack
Editor: Paul Sabater / Spot Welders
Online / VFX: Larry Chadwick
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It just has wifi that's it

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The commercial was easy to relate to in my perspective. Reason is have four little siblings who already own a tablet or an iPhone and would need any sort of electronic to get through a long drive. I thought it was funny to see the total opposite reactions of the little girls with and without Wi-Fi. The commercial didn’t have many examples because the cars basically offer the same things and the only difference is the built in Wi-Fi. The ad was entertaining to see, however there wasn’t much to go off by. I can definitely say it is relatable for anyone who has to ride in a car with children whether they have any or not. One small suggestion that I would recommend would be to mention who it was built in. Also, to see the reaction of both the families switching to opposite car models and see their reactions.

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Weird low frequency hum starts around 1:04 for about 5 second that seems like could have been fixed with a quick notch by the editor. It was enough to make me look out at the office to see who was vacuuming. Hey Genny Op! Move that genny back, you're messin up the audio!).

On another note, even though what really happened is that one set of kids had access to technology (wifi enabled or not...) and the other kids didn't - you can bet parents just need to see "this car makes my kids quiet" to influence a buying decision. We're not thinking about whether or not there's a bill for the WiFi, or there needs to be an ipad or something. We're just thinking this car = quiet kids. The spot worked.

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what is the unique selling point if I got my phone set as wifi hotspot. I do think a car without wifi project a happier situation to families....all we need is communication, not a smart phone...oh men....

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