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February 2008
Advertising Agency: john st, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Stephen Jurisic & Angus Tucker
Art Director: Nellie Kim
Copywriter: Chris Hirsch
Agency Producer: Michelle Orlando
Production Co: Soft Citizen
Director: Drew Lightfoot
DP: Adam Marsden
Editorial Co: Relish Editing
Editor: Steve Manz
Post Co: 567 Visual Effects
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Sharp's picture

Oh come on. Doesn’t this seem a bit too similar to the Dove Evolution spot? I mean yeah, the idea is obviously different but you can totally draw parallels within the execution. Give me a break.

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Copy_Can's picture

You're 100% right. Just showed it to my AD, and even before I scrolled down to your comment he said the same thing. It's really sad and pathetic, that an agency, that's from the same city as Ogilvy Toronto, actually ripped the direction from Evolution.

But even if that weren't the case, what's the point of the footage going backwards? What's the relevance of it to the benefit, or, the product? "Nothing feels like it" - WHAT?

Horrible, horrible ad.

Glad my name isn't associated with this tripe.

boyoboyitsfun's picture

It has to run backwards so that there's a payoff about what the ad is about. I'm not crazy about this spot but to say this is a ripoff of Dove Evolution is absolutely retarded. You sound like one of those juniors screaming "It's been done before! It's been done before!" when it's a totally different execution.

I think it works well enough and if I'm not mistaken it's a follow-up to an existing print campaign.

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Copy_Can's picture

Re-read my post. I never said this ad was a ripoff of the Dove spot, I said the direction looked similar - for goodness sake, the whole spot is executed in the same style *AND* is about a female being glammed up (er, down?) at a photoshoot.

You sir, sound like someone who lives in Toronto that either works at John St., or, is chummy chummy with the creatives who worked on this campaign.

Print ad for this product, decent. TV, not so much.

Tell your buddy, Chris, he's slipping.

biabitch's picture

i liked it.
gets the benefit right across.
this must be really high-end tissue.

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phoamcor's picture

Apparently, the been done before nitpicker police have never seen the billions of previous uses of stop motion that were all created years/decades before Dove came along.

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Misstree's picture

hahaha! true...this kind of execution has been around even before dove. how come u never drew parallels then? it's weird u rant over an execution when clearly not even the idea is the same!

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