One Image - Tokyo 2020

July 2021


CANON, an official gold sponsor for Tokyo 2020 Games, spotlights how photography fuels the dreams of the next generation of athletes. This campaign film showcases an array of aspiring athletes and photographs put up in their empty rooms, illustrating how these images strongly empower, question, and push them forward to their dreams.

Creative Director: Tatsuya Ishikawa / BSPK
Director/Cinematographer: Kyotaro Hayashi
Producer: Satoshi Miyata / Flip-book
Assistant Director: Masaru Ito
Chief Assistant Camera: Ken Yamamura / SWITCH
2nd Assistant Camera: Koichi Inoue
3rd Assistant Camera: Yuto Shibata
Lighting Director: Naoto Tanoue / Flip-book
Electrician: Yuki Ogawa
Production Designer: Naoka Fukushima / SPEC
Stylist: Kotomi Shibahara
Hair&MakeUp: Asumi Washizuka
Colorist: Yoshiyuki Nishida / C STUDIO
Music: Yuzo Hayashi
Sound Designer/Mixer: Showsuke Asada / 1991
Director Manager: Hana Usami
Production Manager: Kaoru Miyachi
Production Manager: Dante Kuwashima
Production Staff: Eisuke Sawayama
Casting: Ryosuke Shono / EXILES HYPE
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