The fan

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January 2016


Film advertisement created by BETC, France for Canal+, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: BETC, France
Agency Management: Bertille Toledano, Guillaume Espinet, Elsa Magadoux, Marie Lequime, Jérémy Taffin
Executive Creative Director: Stéphane Xiberras
Creative Director: Olivier Apers
Art Director: Thomas Renaudin
Copywriter: Paul Delmas
TV Producers: David Green David Brakha
Production House: Control Films
Sound production: LGM
Director: Edouard Deluc
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Reality Check's picture

"Canal+: The fan" is not nice. It's lovely.

Reality Check
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halaby87's picture

Ok there is something to it

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1ndika's picture

Works for me.

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Art Director
Davy jones's picture

nice spot..

Davy jones
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Graphic Designer
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Reality Check's picture

"Canal+: The fan" is not nice. It's lovely.

Reality Check
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Dzsoi's picture

Well, the point of not turning back and watching the game is to pay attention to the crowd (doing his job).
If he watches the tablet, he doesn't pay attention. He could turn around as well.
It is emotional and all, but the story is seriously flawed logically.

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blackmetal's picture

My thoughts exactly! Concept as such is not working for me.

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Producer/Director at Amsterdam |

Rock on!

kleenex's picture

That I can agree with, but what if you only did it for the key moments like goals.

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I agree. That is a different twist that i think brings out the possibility of the idea of him working and watching the game when he only watches the key moments.

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