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March 2015

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Group Director of Communications Planning: Carrie Parent

Film advertisement created by Duncan/Channon, United States for California Department of Public Health, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Duncan/Channon, USA
Creative director: Anne Elisco-Lemme
Copywriter: Jessea Hankins
Art director: Lindsey Butterwick
Designer: Jennifer Kellogg
UX designer: Jake Palu
Executive producer: Christine Gomez
Content producer: Justine Barnes
Director of production: Carolyn Bormann
Senior digital producer: Jackie Brito
Chief strategy officer: Andy Berkenfield
Brand strategist: Adam Flynn
Group account director: Jamie Katz
Account supervisor: Rachel Young
Account executive: Jackie Russell
Account coordinator: Davis Wolfe
Production company: Imaginary Forces
Director: Dan Gregoras
Executive Producers: Ben Apley, Sarah Roebuck
Producer: Jon Hassell
Coordinator: CJ Tahan
Animators: Mark Lopez, Brian Walsh, Sekani Solomon
Compositor: Toros Kose
Editor: Maria Diakova
Line Producer: Adam Lawson
Cinematographer: Dallas Sterling
Live Action Art Director: Geoff Flint
Production Manager: Ashley Krick
Director of Communications Planning: Leslie Diard
Senior Communications Planner: Paulo Delacruz
Communications Planner: Kelsey Bucsko
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damnson's picture

Nice production.

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An axe murderer of ads.

kleenex's picture

not bad.

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Web Designer/Developer
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Got that right

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Kalinn's picture

I recently purchased an e-cigarette for my boyfriend for his birthday. He has never smoked before and the only reason he wanted one was because he tried his friend's and it tasted really good. I got him the e-cigarette and a couple of tasty juices that contained zero nicotine. We got them all in the mail and we both tried it together and it wasn't too bad and now I've even started liking it. I find it helps me with binge eating. I have a habit of wanting to eat when I'm on the computer, and I'm on the computer all the time. So I use it to do something with my hands and mouth instead of eating. As an e-cigarette smoker when I see this commercial it doesn't really bother me much. I hate the fact that it's telling me to go onto this website to learn more instead of just telling me on the commercial itself. To me this makes me feel like they just want website views or that it's like a click-bait commercial and I really don't want to visit this website. Maybe if they commercial said the things instead of telling me to go the website I might care about it more.

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Darkwing Duck's picture

Let me start off by saying that the guy at the end of the commercial took a monster drag off of that e-cig. Very cool imagery. As a student in college I began seeing these things on campus in the fall of 2013. There was no policy on the smoking of e-cigs in class so the first users would just puff away in class. The argument "Its just water vapor" or something like that was issued whenever the professors would tell the students not to smoke in their class. Today its an epidemic, these things are everywhere on campus. And my campus is a 'smoke free' campus, you never see anyone smoking cigarettes on campus. But yet e-cigs are are allowed. There is policy banning them from the classroom, but I'd say that 1 in 20 students will be puffing on one of these while walking to their next class.
In reference to the commercial itself, it seemed like it didn't have anything to say. The message was 'beware of potential dangers of e-cigs' but there was nothing to explain why. Except maybe to say that anything related to Big Tobacco is the worst thing ever. California has enough financial problems as it is, they shouldn't be spending money on weightless commercials like this.

Darkwing Duck
Activity Score 18
damnson's picture

Nice production.

Activity Score 11375
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An axe murderer of ads.

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