The fight of the burn victims to change other people's look

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December 2016


400,000 people get injured in fires every single year in France, with 10,000 being medically diagnosed as having severe burns. On reaching the end of their often lengthy and painful treatment, burns victims’ initial reflex is to hide themselves away, particularly if their injuries are clearly visible. They isolate themselves not only to escape stares, but also because no specific structures exist to help them get back to living a (nearly) normal life, and media coverage of the topic is scarce. Founded by Laurent Gaudens, himself severely burnt at the age of 4, the Burns and Smiles association aims to improve the day-to-day lives of burns victims by offering a powerful web-based support network. With a view to heightening the general public’s awareness and helping burns victims step out of the shadows, TBWA Paris and \ELSE relate the story of one such individual, who we join for one very special evening. The film – directed by Nicolas Galoux – demonstrates the extent to which other people’s attitudes and sense of acceptance are two of the keys to coaxing burns victims out of isolation and putting a smile back on their faces, much more than just once a year. Show your support for the Burns and Smiles association: log onto

Film advertisement created by TBWA, France for Burns and Smiles, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\PARIS, France
Accounts: Luc Bourgery, Isabelle Dray
Creative Directors: Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie
Creatives: Léna Monceau, Julia Deshayes
Production Company: TBWA\ELSE
CEO: Maxime Boiron
Producers: Jennifer Bauche, Anne-Cécile Jemin
Executive Producer: Galmar
Director: Nicolas Galoux
DOP: Fabien Peborde
Make-up: Jean-Christophe Spadaccini, Pierre Parry, Laetitia Quillery
Actor: Boris Ravaine
Post-production: TBWA\ELSE
Editor: Grégory Lefevre
Sound Production: TBWA\ELSE
Sound Art Director: Fanny Mithois
Sound Ingineer: Max Labarthe / Vendome Uhl
Music Rights: Marie Roche
Music: Pierre Lefeuvre / SAYCET
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