Lovin' You

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August 2011


Film advertisement created by Ogilvy, Brazil for Burger King, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Creative Directors: Eduardo Marques, Rafael Donato
Art Directors: Fabiano Gomes, Vinicius Siepierski
Copywriters: Rafael Donato, Pedro Fernandes
Agency producers: Cecília Taioli, Naná Bittencourt
Accounts: Carolina Vieira, Virginia Mendes, Ana Carolina Bacchereti
Media: Giuliana Chekin, Daniela Moura, Antonio Ferreira, Carla Caramante, Fernanda Dornelas
Production Company: PBA Cinema
Directors: Luís Mermet, Mayra Gama
Executive Producers: Nívio Alves de Souza, Mayra Gama
Photography: Nico Trovato
Production team: Edu Pereira
Pos-production: Casablanca
Motion: Rubens Angelo, Danielle Galvão, Eliane Parvati
Casting: Beti Tubino
Sound Production: S de Samba
Sound Director: Dimi Kireeff
Sound Production team: Dimi Kireeff, Henrique Nicolau, Luis Fernando Vital
Voice Over: Phil Miller
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That One Guy's picture

Oh. I get it. Brazilian MMA fighter sings cliché song to a burger.
Wait ... did i miss something?

That One Guy
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University of Houston
Tejónidas's picture

not really, but if you make funny of him, he will kick your ass

Activity Score 247
Creative Director
That One Guy's picture

yeah, he'd snap my neck with one of those killer knees to the head.

That One Guy
Activity Score 266
University of Houston
mikevitoria's picture

yes, maybe you missed that Anderson Silva has a high pitched voice.

Activity Score 22
abake's picture

I don't get it either...

Activity Score 1262
RMG Connect Colombia
ChuckNorris's picture

Pretty funny! Seems to have viral potential.

Activity Score 834
Creative Director
morse's picture

Weird but fun.

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Troll's picture

Oh Anderson, WTF buddy?
This is just sh%t. Ridiculous idea. Spent all their time getting The Spider instead of coming up with the idea.
Awesome fighter, bad creative.

Activity Score 672
Copywriter |


mr.x's picture

I love Anderson Silva but this is crap! Absolutely crap!

Activity Score 998
Forsbergs Skola
Glut's picture

@troll totally agree

Activity Score 3935
Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
stewart76's picture


Activity Score 234
thiagost's picture

It works for me. The campaign says that the Mega BK Stacker is so big and scary that even Anderson Silva will get afraid of it. and that explains the high pitched voice.. Considering MMA and UFC fights are getting so popular, I think was really smart to use this contrast - at least in brazil.

Activity Score 12
Troll's picture

Worst attempt at a rationale ever. If he's so scared why the hell is he singing "Lovin you"?
I'm a huge fan of MMA and Anderson but my admiration of him as a fighter doesn't blind me to the fact that this is a terrible ad.
Celebrity ad with zero creativity.

Activity Score 672
Copywriter |


Boxey's picture

That burger looks nasty.

Activity Score 8875
Melaleuca In-House
kleenex's picture

Boy does this ad suck!!! It poorly sells the product.

And the Burger is not Nasty. It is just full of fat and calories.

Activity Score 58777
Web Designer/Developer
bgajus08's picture

Striping away masculinity from a bad ass for the sake of a product.... George Lois did that 30 years ago with Maypo.... Worked a lot better then.

Activity Score 136
dbor's picture

Is it meaning that burger king contains a lot of estrogens?

Activity Score 1453
matsushima's picture

Folks, let me try to explain this ad for you. I am Brazilian and to fully understand this ad one must build a linguistic background in Brazilian Portuguese.

As some of you have already mentioned, Anderson has indeed a unique high-pitched voice. Also, "to be scared" in Brazilian Portuguese slang, is "afinar", the term used in this ad. Then the key part is the pun: "Afinar", in addition to mean "to be scared" is also "to make a high pitched sound".

The follow on campaign now in place includes ordering a BK Mega Stacker making an Anderson Silva impression (with a high pitched voice) to get a free ice cream cone.

Activity Score 2
Copy_ranter's picture

If your a MMA fan you'll know that Anderson Silva religiously eats BK after every weigh in. His favourite burger is the triple stacker. Its a ritual of his to carb back up with one of these BK burgers.

Activity Score 194
Creative Director at FP7/DXB
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