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April 2021


Brusnika is a federal developer. The company’s philosophy is that everyone can afford to have a nicer life. It is nothing but normal to live in a cozy and spacious apartment, feel safe and be surrounded by beauty.

The developer employs engineer and scientific approach to everything they do. There’s nothing random in how Brusnika projects and designs their houses.

Nature is the most skilful engineer, and Brusnika learns from the best. Studying natural processes, the company adopts the best practices to create the perfect environment for their clients. An aesthetic and functional yard requires daily year-round work of the company's employees: they develop a methodology for plants selection, think over a planting calendar, calculate the volume of soil for the root system of seedlings, and take into account solar motion.

The soundtrack is a nostalgic song from a nationally loved classical Soviet movie. “Every kind of weather is a blessing; rain or snow, we should be grateful anyway”.

Andzej Gavriss filmed the spot using 16 mm film: “We chose film because it takes away extra detalization while adding up on sensuality and sentimentality. To humanize the gardening topic, we spotlighted the value of the relationship between people was placed at the center of the plot.”

Film advertisement created by Voskhod, Russia for Brusnika, within the categories: House, Garden, Industrial, Agriculture.

Advertising Agency: Voskhod, Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation
Director: Andzej Gavriss
Production: Daddy’s Film
Production Design: Julija Fricsone Gavriss
Producer: Egor Solomatin
Soundtrack: Andrei Petrov, Alisa Freindlich
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