So Happy Together

July 2019


Entering the Summer doldrums, any game marketing campaign came can struggle to maintain visibility and momentum with the vacationing masses. Our strategy was to create an asset and a moment that would inject the signature Borderlands brand of Mayhem directly into the heart of the Summer slump, activating our veteran fans with a WTF production so nuts, it couldn’t help but be shared to the virgin masses on beaches everywhere with a “put the drink down and open immediately” message firmly attached. As a celebration of the Borderlands universe for both new and old, So Happy Together is a depiction of the beloved characters, personality, visual and sonically stunning Mayhem-fueled world that has captured the gaming masses the world over. We are Mayhem. Together, we are Borderlands.

Advertising Agency: Gearbox Publishing, Frisco, USA
Creative Director: Mike Roth
Art Director: Kelly Romeo, Scott Kester
Illustrator: Erik Doescher
Production: Omar Flores, Brian Burleson, Jesse Sosa
Motion Capture: Brian McKee, Robert Fernandez, Tu Nguyen
Animation Director: Kent Alfred
Audio Director: Mark Petty
Additional Credits: Randy Pitchford, Steve Gibson, Jeff Skal, Jerett Rearick, Kayla Belmore, Brian Thomas
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