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August 2010


Bollywood Film Festival is an amazing possibility to see films you had never seen before. These films are just arriving to Prague in truck, where the driver use cow tail instead of horn.

Film advertisement created by Euro RSCG, Czechia for Bollywood Film Festival, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Eda Kauba
Creative Leader: Pavel Sobek
Art Director: Jakub Kolarik
Copywriter: Pavel Sobek
Production: Bistro Films, Czech Republic
Directors: McSanchez
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Quite silly to me. Maybe I just don't understand...

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Nothing really - just a parody of the usual kitschy Bollywood stuff. Plus a parody of bizarre "innovations" that are carried out in the Indian hinterlands. For example, in the state of Punjab, they use washing machines to whip buttermilk.

Bollywood in and itself is a parody, any spoof of it is an epic fail. Plus, the kitschiness is grating.

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Calling this ad abysmal would be to give it a compliment. Plus, Bollywood (& by extensions, the other "woods" of India) is the shittiest film industry out there - stupid candy floss romance between Indians who don't live in India, meaningless song-n-dance sequences, scene-for-scene rip-offs of Hollywood movies (with the occasional non-Hollywood one),

In case Indians rush to dub me a racist redneck , let me point it out that I'm an Indian.

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Concur. I'm Indian too. And I've worked in the South Indian film industry many moons ago. The industry demands you to be sycophant if you're working behind the scenes. And it's such a racist society... if you're dark-skinned but you're otherwise an attractive young woman you don't stand a chance in front of the lens. The lighter your skin the more mass appeal you can command. Pathetic yardstick, even the most creative of film directors go by this demeaning and baseless measure. I've seen makeup artists dab a half-inch thick layer of fairness foundation on dark-skinned actors, so they can look 'fair and handsome'. Some of the storylines may be original, but when the color of your skin is the sacred bottom line then the entire industry can do to my reproductive organ what a vacuum cleaner does when you switch it on.

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"...dark-skinned *but* you're otherwise an attractive young woman..." ? Of course, matey, you mean "attractive dark-skinned woman" :) I get your drift, anyhoo. Yep, Indians are incredibly racist. The only time I've experienced racism was at the hands of a fellow Indian.

It's disheartening to see fairness creams (goo?) do roaring business in India. Even more disheartening is the fact that we've to create ads for such shitty products.

About Bollywood, it's amusing to see these stars (mind you, they are stars at best, not actors) shout about their fanatical fan following in the west. Bah, humbug. The only following in the west is from non-resident Indians desperate to tell the west that they're "big" & are "special".

I'm also baffled by Hollywood's lack of interest in suing the asses off these cheap-knock-off mofos. For example, the forthcoming release 'Knock out' is an illegitimate replica of 'Phone Booth'.

Bottom line: Except for movies made by directors like Vishal Bharadwaj & Shimit Amin, avoid Bollywood like plague.

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First, the song is a ripoff of the classic Peugeot 206 Sculptor ad. Then, the ad sucks. And finally the idea of a Bollywood film festival is ridiculous.

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First, the song is from Indian movie from composer who never heard about Peugeot 206 Sculptor ad. What is ridiculous, are your common comments to presented works. If you would like to know something about this festival with 8 year tradition, please visit

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ok enough with the put downs....only Indians can comment about India....not some white piece of shit...who don't know anything about Indian cinema or culture... Hollywood is nothing special as well....fancy graphics and no story...avatar for example,and in other movies all you guys know to sell is sex. so shut the hell up and stop analyzing India.

PS: nowadays we are using white skinned pigs as props in our film sets...they look good at the side...adds to the decoration .....

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What makes you think that the put-downs weren't by an Indian like me? Plus, your racism clearly shows through with your "...white piece of shit" comment. Anyone that hates Indian cinema is automatically a white? Hello, other colored people aren't allowed to hates the shit that Bollywood is? Another example of your narrow mind is how anything non-Bollywood is Hollywood ("Hollywood is nothing special as well...)

I simply hate fellow Indians who go cry racism when anything Indian is criticized, even if it's a legit criticism.

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the whole world is racist...not Indians....oh please even Americans treat African Americans like shit even now.just because the rest of us are not white, we are much better off then the whole bunch of you . racist pigs...

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Funny, but in a stoned way.

Libor Oubrecht
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Back on topic: This ad is funny enough in a low-ball American sitcom way. The moo was perfectly placed. We get it.

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That's it.

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