My Kind of Rewards

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January 2021
BMO: My Kind of Rewards
BMO: My Kind of Rewards
BMO: My Kind of Rewards
BMO Film Ad - My Kind of Rewards
BMO Film Ad - My Kind of Rewards
BMO Film Ad - My Kind of Rewards


Film advertisement created by FCB, Canada for BMO, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: FCB Canada
EVP, General Manager: Tracy Little
VP, Group Account Director: Jessica Lax
Account Director: Kait Babin
Account Supervisor: Leore Davids
Account Executive: Simrath Singth
Account Director: Julie Simon
Account Executive: Veronique Rompe
Chief Strategy Officer: Shelley Brown
VP, Strategy: Eryn LeMesurier
Strategist: Audrey Zink
Strategist: Maryse Sauve
Chief Creative Officer: Jeff Hilts, Nancy Crimi-Lamanna
Group Creative Director: Jennifer Rossini
Copywriter: Caleb McMullen
Art Director: Hussein Rumaithi
Copywriter: Etienne Soucy
Sr. Producer: Adriana Laborde
Producer: Carol Boate
Integrated Producer: Samantha Mounphosay
Production Company: Fuelcontent
Photographer: Nikki Ormerod
Audio: Grayson Music
Photography Studio: Westside Studio
Media Agency: UM Canada
North American Group Director, Head of Planning: Tim Davies
Director, Connection Planning: Ryan Hunter
Influencer Outreach: Reprise Canada
Vice President, Client Strategy: Cynthia Steele
Director, Digital Strategy: Pierre Babineau
Strategist: Maeve Findlay-Shields
Chief Marketing Officer BMO: Maja Neable
Vice President & Head of Product: Andras Lazar
Head, Marketing: Michelle Feeney
Director: Caspian Yu
Sr. Manager: Louise Adams
Sr. Manager: Jenna Eager
Sr. Manager: Tilila Idbalkassm
Sr. Marketing Manager: David Deveau
Sr. Marketing Manager: Kimberly Bushell
Sr. Marketing Executive: Alfonsa Timpano
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