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April 2015


Film advertisement created by Mekanism, United States for Ben & Jerry's, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Mekanism, USA
CEO / President: Jason Harris
Creative Director: David Horowitz
Head of Production: Kati Haberstock
Producer: Michael Rushton
Senior Brand Manager: Cassie Jackson
Associate Director Brand Management: Caroline Moncure
Head of Strategy: Eric Zuncic
Production Company: Sister
Directors: Justin Plummer, Martin Strauss
DP: Spenser Nottage
EP: Thorsten Hoppenworth
Producer: Alun Lee
Food Stylist: Randy Mon
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Stoners are a great target audience.

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Hey Apple someone swiped your ad.

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Ben and Jerry's does a great job with this advertisement by targeting the people of the audience who smoke marijuana. 4.20 is a popular term for weed and April 20th is usually a day celebrated by most stoners by ditching school/work to smoke weed all day. A common association with people who smoke weed is often people have the "munchies" afterward. By making something that looks delicious and targets towards this idea of people wanting to eat junk after smoking this a really great idea by Ben & Jerry's. I think the Brrr-ito looks delicious. Also at the end of the commercial it states "Have one rolled for you" which is a play on words with the idea of people "rolling a joint." I think this was a nicely done advertisement by Ben & Jerry's and a wonderful idea to target the weed smoking audience. I think the only down fall is I would love to try one of these, I think it looks delicious, however I would not go out today to try one because they are luring the pot heads to the store and I would not like to be in an area with a bunch of them. So hopefully they keep the Brr-ito around a little bit so that I can try it on a different day.

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Roll me one please!!

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After watching the commercial I believe Ben & Jerry’s did a good job in targeting the audience who celebrate 4/20. There was a bit of humor, however it was a bit dry. Ben & Jerry’s did do a good job to send the message across to that specific targeting audience. The idea of the BRRR-ito is actually a really cool idea the next best thing, the waffle bowl. Since it mentioned it would be released on April 20th, the commercial didn’t mention if it was for a limited time only. The funny part of the ad is that Ben & Jerry’s had no shame in comparing their new creation to a “joint”. I also had an idea that maybe the meant the BRRR-ito would be mind blowing as if someone who doesn’t smoke can get the idea that while eating the BRRR-ito that’s how it feels to be stoned. The reason I say that is because the narrator said “And you’ll see why 4.20 is like “4.20”I feel they took a risk in targeting “just” them but at the same time it can big a great way to bring in a lot of growth. Something I would suggest would be if they had added some sort of joke to target those who don’t smoke marijuana and can feel part of the targeting audience as well, even if it was toward the end and hilarious.

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