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Reminds me of that Rocky training .....

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I like.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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I love this advertisement. What a fantastic time to use Serena Williams, after winning her 18th Grand Slam title, to promote Beats by Dre’s product. Using a woman athlete rather than a male athlete for this specific product attracts more females than usual and in my opinion would attract about the same amount of males.
As someone who trains and works out on a daily basis, I know the struggle of wearing headphones with wires. Wires make running, jumping, moving, and stretching almost impossible without having to adjust the earpiece every thirty seconds. Also, it is very hard for me to workout or train without music. I just can’t get in a groove or get my mind in the right place so music is a must. This product is on point as well as this ad. Having Serena jump rope, do workouts, and stretches all without having to worry about wires makes this product very attractive.
Not only does this ad feature an excellent promoter and an awesome product it also portrays emotion that is very fitting with the product. The song playing gets Serena in the right mindset to workout. I can see how hard she works as the song continues to play. The ad keeps flashing back to her memories and accomplishments and I can tell how much this song means to her and how badly it makes her want to train to be the best in the world like she is. For example, the video showed two little girls holding hands walking to a tennis court in what looks to be a bad area of town. Obviously this is a flashback of when Serena and her twin sister, Venus, used to go out and practice and thinking of these times makes Serena work that much harder so she can continue to be #1 in the world.
Fantastic advertisement and fantastic product.

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